With Neron gone, Desmond wakes up, but leaves Constantine, upset about what he reluctantly did to him. In the end, Rip dies fighting Mallus while Amaya and Wally depart following the demon's defeat. Jesse Garon Presley (portrayed by Luke Bilyk) – The ghost of Elvis Presley's twin brother who was stillborn. [7], After returning to the Time Bureau, Ava asked for a meeting with Director Bennett and tried to see Rip in prison but found herself stonewalled. [16] Sara mentioned that the anachronism was already having an effect as Beebo Day had replaced Christmas. In 2004, Mick reconnected with her and inadvertently conceived a daughter with her. Ryan also portrays King Kon-sten-tyn, Constantine's 1st century BCE ancestor and the progenitor of his magical bloodline. She contacted Sara and they talked with Ava even laughing with Sara, though Leo Snart who was watching the call realized that Ava has a crush on Sara. Ava spoke with Sara in private and carefully mentioned that they had achieved success. The character was first introduced on The Flash. Not trusting the Legends Ava send one of her agents, Gary Green, to follow them and report to her. [22], When Sara becomes blind after her fight against Atropos, Ava takes care of her. While originally thinking of herself as a unique person born in the modern time period, she is actually the 12th Advanced Variant automation clone taken from the year 2213 by the founder of the Time Bureau Rip Hunterto be the perfect agent, one that could easily be replaceable. Sara turned around and flew the Waverider in a collision course with Ava's ship, threatening to destroy them both. [55], Esperanza "Spooner" Cruz (portrayed by Lisseth Chavez) is a "tough and self-sufficient" woman who "lives off the grid, devising ingenious tech for the detection of – and defense against – space aliens [...] and while some might call her paranoid, she calls it being prepared. This template will categorize articles that include it into Category:Incomplete Articles. As Ava is a woman of rules and regulations, she is highly annoyed by Sara's reckless behavior. [57] Amell also appears as the potential 2046 version of the character.[58]. She believes the Legends are a loose cannon, due to the fact that they cause more problems than they actually fix. His resurrection and displacements also create a loophole that would allow Sara Lance to fulfill her vendetta against him without changing the timeline's course. Professor Eobard Thawne (portrayed by Matt Letscher; season 2) is a metahuman speedster from a future and the archenemy of Barry Allen / Flash. She and Nora attempted to make Constantine feel better after Astra tampered with his soul coin. Sara was delighted Ava had returned to her and they found out the anachronism had been restored. After Atropos killed Behrad, Zari rejoined with the Legends to undo Behrad's death. [34] After the death of her former teammate and lover, Rex Tyler, she decides to join the Legends in their search for the killer. The group decided to work together in which Ava decided to go to the Time Bureau, to get some help. Henry "Hank" Heywood, Jr. (portrayed by Thomas F. Wilson in the present, Patrick Lubczyk in the 1970s) is the father of Nate Heywood and the son of Henry Heywood, Sr.