The Facility: Tall climbing walls and bouldering. You tend to do more hard moves in a session than when climbing routes (with ropes).

– Requests must be submitted by email at or by private message on the VietClimb page one week before the period you want to freeze.

Where to start? Come in for a day pass and enjoy the gym all day long! – Step away from the mat upon completion of your climb See the latest climbing and outdoor gear in the pro shop. If you forgot your account password you might need to reset it. 3/F, 340 Hankou Lu,

Be warned it’s easy to develop a climbing habit. Pay as you go: 250 K / Four-class package: 900 K / Eight-class Package: 1 500 K – Consent agreement and waiver must be completed and signed by a parent for those under the age of 16. Learn to listen to your body from the beginning.

You don’t have to be a member to climb with us. Make a reservation on their WeChat (Beta-Boulders-Gym) for climbing times after 6pm on weekdays and during the daytime on weekends. Pay as you go: 350 K / Four-class package: 1 300 K, What will you do? The Circuit is the original Pacific Northwest bouldering gym. A ten-time card is 650rmb, or 600rmb for students. Please enable javascript in your browser in order to get form work properly. You get a deal at 800rmb for a 10-time pass that is valid for 90 days excluding equipment rental. What is the grade system? First Time. As a member you can join the free dating, upload housing ads, write reviews and more. Build confidence, fine-tune your balance, develop core strength and burn kilojoules by climbing and create a complete exercise program by adding yoga and the conditioning gym to the mix. The Facility: Beta Boulders is located in the modern sports warehouse Anken Life. The class instruction is 100rmb, plus entry fee and rentals. Purpose-built bouldering walls began to appear, providing inventive problems on a variety of angles with soft matting underneath. How long is a bouldering session? Our gym is a quality and safe climbing facilities of two hundred square meters.

About Us. Finding the entrance might be a bit confusing. near Zhongshan Nan Yi Lu. – Contact us for detailed Schedule, 1. Benefits for 3 months and above Membership: 20% off on outdoor trips, 5% off on membership renewal, special offers with our network of partners, included restaurants, recreation and sport club in Hanoi. The Kilter is a tech training wall that can tilt to differing angles. They host group classes on Sunday evenings covering beginner skills; register on their WeChat (pongoclimbing2016).

The majority of their holds are imported from Europe, set up for over 100 boulder problems for all abilities, with new problems set each month by the in-house coaches.

Pay as you go: 350 K / Four-class package: 1 200 K The clientele seems to lean kid-heavy especially in the summer; when we visited on a weekday afternoon the only employee was busy teaching a class of kids. Beta Boulders opened in March 2020 and is owned and operated by the former manager of Pongo (see below). They say 80% of first-timers can make it to the top. Looking for a really fun birthday treat? – Corporate challenge (1h): 250 K/person (Climbing shoes rental included) Tallest walls are about 15 meters. – Only members who purchase 3 months at once can utilize the freeze option. There are many different routes at different levels, with plenty for beginners. Routes are selected on the app and the matching holds are lit up on the wall. Unfortunately, there's no air-con so it can get hot hot hot in summer. Beta also offers beginner individual classes for 399rmb for three 1-hour classes, or group class of up to three people for 899rmb for three 1.5-hour classes. They have both "top rope" — where the rope suspends climbers from the top of the wall — and also do the more advanced lead climbing where the climber clips the rope into bolts as they climb up the wall. Some walls use V grades (V0, V1, V2…), others use Font grades (Font 4, 5, 5+, 6A…). Anken has free lockers in their hotel-quality locker rooms that are equipped with a sauna, showers and towels. – Avoid walking underneath other climbers on the wall Test your grit on the 40-degree system wall, work your core manoeuvring through the roofs, gain composure on the slab and put it all to the test on the dedicated competition wall. Corporate challenge and team-building All you need is a pair of rock shoes, a chalk bag and someone to point you in the right direction. 26, Lane 833 Zhizaoju Lu, Benefits for 3months and above Membership: 20% off on outdoor trips, 5% off on membership renewal, special offers with our network of partners, included restaurants, recreation and sport club in Hanoi. – You must receive a confirmation email or Facebook message from us. – A maximum of 25 days can be frozen for a 6-month membership. NOMAD Bouldering GymUnit 7/12 Chester St, AnnandaleSydney NSW 2038, NOMAD Bouldering GymPhone: 0402 670 784Email: info@nomadbouldering.comInstagram: @nomadboulderingFacebook: nomadboulderinggym, Membership enquiries:, kids’ party and corporate team building programs. The gym boasts the first and only Kilter board in Shanghai. How to boulder in the safest conditions, improve your body awareness and position. During the day there are mostly kids and some pros doing their own thing, but it can get quite busy in the evenings and weekends. Children class (U13). Occasionally there will be a star sighting; famous climbers drop in when they are in Shanghai. Optimize your footwork, coordination and balance. Not a huge space, but the biggest bouldering gym in the city. – Children shall not run in all the area All rights resevered. – Remove all jewelry Or buy a deal for 1,100rmb which gets you in 13 times but does not include equipment rental. After a four-class package, you should be able to develop smooth and static movements. Memberships are nominative, non-transferable and non-refundable. Having fun! Still it has all the necessities.

What is bouldering? – No fizzy drinks or sugary foods should be consumed on the climbing areas.

Optimize your fitness level, explore the bouldering tricks and burn calories! The Facility: This climbing center near Hongkou Football Stadium has six bouldering walls and four auto belay top rope routes. This will instill good habits for harder territory. Roaring Climbing Gym has a strong community vibe with a whiteboard by the door announcing an upcoming climbing trip to Hangzhou. Recently, though, the evolution of indoor walls has transformed the experience into a new sub-sport, and some climbers exclusively boulder indoors. Shoe rental is 10rmb. Even the best had to learn the basics of movement skills. Discover climbing through bouldering games, improving their overall agility and motor coordination and get a lot of fun!

The app connects to all other kilter boards around the world, allowing users to share routes and strategy (aka betas). This includes ultra modern and dynamic bespoke climbing walls to deliver a revolutionary rock climbing experience in the largest bouldering gym in the Southern Hemisphere. Every fortnight a fourth of the routes are reset.

You will then be able to go climbing again pretty soon, which is far better than having to spend a long time healing from injury. Don’t feel intimidated. No reservation is needed for other times. Bare foot climbing is not allowed. – Climbing shoes are required for climbing. How can I improve my technique? If not, please inquire about your status.

When you first try indoor bouldering, it probably won’t be long before your hands and forearms protest. Occasionally there will be a star sighting; famous climbers drop in when they are in Shanghai. Focus on technique. The Price: A full-day pass is 80rmb during the week, 90rmb on the weekends. Enter the building on Hankou Lu across from The Press.

Whether you’re a beginner or a climbing machine, our bouldering centre offers what you need to increase your climbing skills and improve your art of movement on a vertical dimension. Made in Shanghai since 2003. And air-con! Practise various drills such as flagging (where a leg is held in a position to aid balance, rather than to support weight) and heel hooks (using a heel on a hold for balance or leverage) on easier ground. Most bouldering walls set Fontainebleau (the French bouldering mecca) style colour-coded circuits, where all the problems of a particular colour are at a similar level of difficulty. Experience the largest bouldering arch in the Southern Hemisphere, the 2D curve and the suspended campus/peg board. 40 ngo 76 An Duong, Hanoi.