It was also around this time that Chuu started her popular Instagram account. Chuu (Hangul : 츄; Japanese : チュウ, Chuu) is the tenth member of the girl group LOONA.. She is the sixth oldest in LOONA, a member of the sub-unit yyxy, and was revealed in December 14, 2017.Her solo single "Chuu…

Go Won. [19] In March 2018, they released the solo single album for final member, Olivia Hye. Growing up, Chuu had always wanted to be a singer. Gowon: A meme princess.

Chuu did Taekwondo for 7~8 years and has a 3rd degree black belt. Low key wants to destroy Yves by breaking their bunk bed and falling on top of her. No aegyo, but plenty of sass if you dare be messy around her. Vivi - oldest yet one of the most baby. [26] It debuted at number 2 on South Korea's Gaon Album Chart, and was the second best-selling debut album by a girl group in 2018.[27].

Mandarin: Jīn Zhì-yǔ (金智雨) Welcome to LOONA! Do not forget Choerry is a closet sadist, Kim Lip is a neat freak and sock kleptomaniac, Hyunjin a not so secret furry and Olivia has an appetite that will consume the world. [1] They debuted as a full ensemble with the extended play, [+ +] (2018), supported by the lead single "Favorite" and the title track "Hi High. Chuu thought it was derived from the Korean word for "adorable" but it actually referred to the idea of Adam and Eve.

Kim Jiwoo (김지우), also known by her stage name Chuu (츄), is a South Korean member of the girl group LOONA and its sub-unit LOONA 'yyxy'. Girl of the Month). Chuu’s bff. – She used to have an Instagram until she was confirmed as a LOONA member, then she deleted it. Education Heejin - half of 2jin. Press J to jump to the feed. Chuuves is the femslash ship between Yves and Chuu from the LOONA fandom. – Chuu had a big fanbase pre-debut due to her Instagram. energizer bunny. Impressions are her strength (or not?). Jiwooming (지우밍) which is a longer definition to her name, Potatowoo (감자우) which is a portmanteu of her name combining the word potato 감자 and her name Jiwoo. Chuu likes macrons and mint chocolate, and sweets in general. Sketch] Star Road - LOONA Chuu, 201019 LOONA Chuu at 3rd Mini Album [12:00] Comeback Showcase, 201003 LOONA Twitter Update - Yeojin, Yves, Chuu & Gowon, 200816 LOONA Chuu, Choerry Instagram Update, 200804 LOONA Chuu and Hyunjin Twitter & Instagram Update, LOONA Chuu Debut Mini Album "+ +" Promotion Naver x Dispatch, Chuu is friends with Momoland's Jooe and Red Velvet's Yeri, Chuu's dad buys tens of albums after every release, Chuu is roommates with Yves, GoWon, Olivia Hye, Chuu trained with FNC Academy before joining BlockBerry Creative, Chuu had a sizeable pre-debut fan base through her Instagram, Chuu was a trainee for a month before debuting, Some of Chuu's favorite artists include Paul Kim, Ariana Grande, MeloMance, and Dean, Chuu auditioned for JYP but wasn't accepted, Chuu's dream was always to join a girl group, Chuu likes being girly and prefers skirts to pants, Chuu's mother is a trained classical singer, Chuu's idol is Yves, who she first met before in an academy. 2020 © HallyuLife/AstPro Media Group. [17][18], Between November 2017 and January 2018, they released the solo single albums for new members Yves, Chuu, and Go Won, continuing the monthly pattern along with the digital single "The Carol 2.0" sung by Yves, Vivi, and Choerry. Chuu's stage name is derived from her real name Jiwoo (지우), which is roughly pronounced "JEE-OO". [3] Between October 2016 and January 2017, four members (HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, and YeoJin) were revealed; each member released a single album typically consisting of a solo track and another track performed with other revealed members, under the group's Korean name Idarui Sonyeo (Korean: 이달의 소녀; lit.

Since October 2016, BlockBerry Creative has been teasing fans by releasing photos of members each month and recently, the final member of LOONA … LOONA (이달의 소녀; stylized as LOOΠΔ) is a twelve-member girl group under BlockBerryCreative.


Is super friendly to everyone. In the group, she is known for her bubbly personality. Despite that, Chuu continued to pursue her dream with the approval of her father. "Yves - lots of friends" the way I choked upon reading this. Queen of the amazing one liners (never forget her YOU in Butterfly). She was said to be diagnosed with “intermittent anxiety symptoms” and would be taking time to focus on her health. Hobbies Hyunjin: the weirdest weirdo to ever weird in weirdland. Subreddit for the K-pop girl group, LOOΠΔ, under BlockBerry Creative.

Another INFJ, I don't have an ult at the moment because they keep overthrowing each other, but my top 3 are Vivi, Jinsoul, and Olivia. Yves) Gowon.

She is a member of the girl group LOONA and its third sub-unit, yyxy. Blockberry Creative confirmed that Haseul will not be involved in the comeback, out of her own decision to focus on the recovery of her health. As a result, many fans had predicted that the new member would be the well known 'Instagrammer' "Kim Ji Woo". Sun sign: LibraMoon sign: Aquarius[8]Rising sign: Capricorn[8]

A perfectionist. LOONA Fandom Name: Orbit LOONA Official Fan Color: […] 1 Career 1.1 2017: Reveal, solo debut 1.2 2018: Debut with yyxy & LOONA 2 Discography 2.1 Single albums 2.2 OSTs 3 … ESFP here. Olivia Hye - marceline x boss baby cross over. Never really considered how my own personality could reflect my bias choices, but my top 3 biases are Olivia, Haseul, and Kim Lip. Loves cockroaches. ENTP[7] innocent but enthusiastic. had enough of the groups bullshit but lets her hair down sometimes. The single "love4eva" featuring Canadian musician Grimes was released the same day with an accompanying music video. The 12 members are namely HeeJin, ViVi, HyunJin, YeoJin, HaSeul, Yves, … The pre-debut single was later revealed to be the lead single of Loona's debut EP [+ +]. well i'm infp and my bias is kim lip, i like how she cringes a lot and her weird laugh hahaha, and she still manages to be cool.

Barks or meows on national TV. Provides dumplings for everyone. Hot thingsDietsPainful things Dance machine. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The group has sub-unit names Loona 1/3, Loona Odd Eye Circle and Loona yyxy. JinSoul - confident. Has a dark alter ego “Chomp” who is badass and comes out whenever she’s eating. Writing in diaryListening to musicPlaying Nintendo with membersCollecting stickersWatching movies at dawnWatching night scenery [30] On February 5, 2020, Loona released their second EP titled [#] (read as hash), along with the title track "So What". She was the tenth member revealed by the group's pre-debut project, which consisted of debuting one girl … 01. If you have not known already, LOONA is a group with 12 different girls representing each month of the year.
Haseul - mom #1. operatic. However, she was not given support from her mother due to her familiarity with the difficulties of becoming a singer. 160 cm (height)43.8 kg (weight)235mm (US 6.5, EU 37) (shoe size)13 (ring size)[6] I guess the others in the sub, can answer you in more detail the personality of each one ... but if you want to know the personality under an mbti format, this is the thread, From things the other members said about them (not just what fans see them as) this is what I can remember from the top of my head, Resolves conflicts like an adult (cr. soft spoken. Overly excited in an adorable way. Gangster dancer swan girl. [32] On March 12, 2020, Loona took their first music show trophy with "So What" on Mnet's M Countdown. Chuu - lip's bff. Probably in a relationship with Olivia Hye. The eleventh single [Go Won], [Chuu… A – Chuu watched a lot of sitcoms like “Unstoppable High Kick” when she was younger.
scared of pigeons. She used to be a The Music Works trainee. Vivi: Soft deer elf. Growing up, Chuu had always wanted to be a singer. They debuted on August 20, 2018 with their title track “Hi High”. Chuu (Hangul: 츄) is the tenth revealed member of LOONA and a member of its third sub-unit, LOONA / yyxy.She was born as Kim Ji Woo (Hangul: 김지우) on October 20, 1999 in Chungju, North Chungcheong, South Korea.She debuted on December 14, 2017 as a member and subsequently released her solo single album "Chuu" on December 28, 2017.Chuu was born and raised in Chungju, Chungcheong Province, South Korea, with her parents and two younger brothers. Yves - lots of friends. [9][10], Between April 2017 and July 2017, members ViVi, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry released their single albums, continuing the same Girl of the Month pattern. Saet-byul Elementary School, San-nam Middle School, Hanlim Multi Arts High School (graduated) Always high pitched and adorable. Loona (stylized as LOOΠΔ, Korean: 이달의 소녀; Hanja: 이달의 少女; RR: Idarui Sonyeo; lit. Blood type

Jinsoul: Loves her own visuals.