This is a rough-and-tumble, hands-on job. Review: “As an Air Traffic Control Specialist my job was stressful and challenging but I enjoyed every minute of it. As mentioned before, the aviation industry is excellent employment – especially when you already have your foot in the door. are all working properly. 11 Slang Nicknames For Navy, Military Banned Supplements List For 2020.

Left (or Right) Flank- The far left or right edge of troops in relation to the enemy, LES- Leave and Earnings Statement; holds information similar to a civilian pay stub, MRE- Meal Ready to Eat. September 12, 2019 Army recognizes 2018 outstanding community partnerships September 12, 2019 Army recognizes outstanding community partnerships Commo training keeps Soldiers in the loop THE TRUSTED RESOURCE FOR MILITARY FAMILIES, the more schooling you have under your belt, a powerful asset to soldiers suffering with PTSD. It’s a fast-paced and high-stress job that involves providing emergency medical treatment to soldiers and evacuating them from the field. $29.99. Oconus- Overseas; not in the continental U.S. OCS/OTS- Officer Candidate School; Officer Training School, Officer’s Candy- Scented cake placed in urinals, OPTEMPO- Operation Tempo; the pace at which one is working, People Tank- (Navy) Inner hull of a submarine, Pill Pusher- (Navy) Hospital Corpsman; or a medic, POG- Someone who is not good at their job or as a person, Pogey Bait- Food that the Army does not issue, but tastes good, QRF- Quick Reaction Force; ready to react, Quay- Man-made structure between shore and land, Quick Time- Cadence at 120 steps per minute, Rack- Refers to a bed; soldiers ‘rack out’, meaning they go to sleep, Release Point- When higher command releases control of a unit to the commander, Rocks and Shoals- (Navy) Rules and regulations, RTO- Radio Telephone Operator or RO-Radio Operator, Related Article –Reenlistment Codes For Each Military Branch, Sandbox- Iraq, Afghanistan or other desert area, Scrambled Eggs- Embellishments on Officer’s caps, Smoked- Physical punishment for some sort of infraction, Soup Sandwich- Something has gone extremely wrong, Speedball- Refers to a bag dropped from a plane or helicopter for soldiers in the field that contains supplies, SRB- Selective Reenlistment Bonus; Bonus offered to enlisted members as encouragement to reenlist, Taco- (Air Force) Receiving an unsatisfactory grade during training; shape of the letter resembles a taco shape, Target Discrimination- Ability of a surveillance system choosing an individual target when there are multiple options, TIC- Troops in a contact fight; can relate to a firefight or IED, Turtleback- Swimming on your back to watch for direction and a compass, Twidget- Sailor who works on electronic equipment, Underground- Individuals who support resistant movement through secret operations, Unit Identification code- Six character code that identifies military active, reserve and guard units, UXO- Unexploded Ordnance; potential to explode, Voice in the Sky- Military base broadcast announcements, Voluntold- Assignment that is presented as voluntary but is seen as mandatory, Weapons of Mass Destruction- Advanced weapons with the capability of causing mass destruction of casualties. Civilian equivalent? YES. Copyright © 2020 COP-Small base in a combat area, combat outpost.

Latrine Queen- (Air Force) Term for a trainee during basic training who is a team lead responsible for bathroom duty.

Civilian equivalent? Review: “My experience the last nine years and nine months has been unforgettable in 1st Ranger Battalion and as part of the Canine program.

Is being behind the scenes more your style? INTSUM- Intelligence Summary given after events happened, Iron Rations- Rations used in an emergency situation, Jawa- Soldiers stationed in a desert area, JDAM- A bomb dropped from a U.S. aircraft, JOP- Joint Operation Planning; Military forces joining for operations, Lands- Raised spiral surface in the bore of a weapon.

Wingnut-  WINGNUT comes from the shape of the Air Force E2 rank with single stripes, which looks like a wingnut. Many veterans who worked with planes in the military go on to work with them as civilians.

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The most enjoyable part of the job was traveling, making lifelong friends, and going on adventures that I would never have had the opportunity to experience.”. | Social Security Tax Deferral, Two Army Installations selected for 5G testing and experimentation, Army program helps Soldiers recover, overcome with music, US Military plans release of Tenant Bill of Rights, Army recognizes 2018 outstanding community partnerships, Army recognizes outstanding community partnerships. 11 watching. The responsibilities of aviation maintainers have created a unique group of individuals who are both real and engaging.”.

Being able to see the dog team grow into a better working force and being a part of the training that contributes to the success and growth of a team has been extremely enjoyable.”.

Review: “As an Intelligence Analyst, my main task was to derive information from all intelligence disciplines to identify possible threats, trends, and provide executive commanders with possible courses of action.”. Civilian equivalent? YES. A vacuum-sealed meal with a long shelf life, Mustang- Officer promoted from enlisted ranks, MWR- Morale, Welfare and Recreation; FOB area for recreation, Naval Landing Party- Navy personnel for ground-force operations ashore, Nut to Butt- Standing very close together. Reenlistment Codes For Each Military Branch, Platoon Size-How the US Army is Organized, US Air Force Client Systems Technician (3D1X1): Career Details.

$12.95. How To Choose The Right Military Branch For You, What is a Navy Squid? Review: “I did this job for 23 plus years. YES. MAYBE. Clearing barrel-Dirt filled area used to clear weapons at entry points of FOB.

Medical training is great to have going into the civilian workforce and finding a job shouldn’t be hard at all. Being multilingual also makes you more hireable in other positions. Working in intel provides soldiers with critical skills that translate to many high-profile jobs in the civilian world.

More specifically, helicopter pilot.

Charles Wamsley, a Lacey, Wash., native and communication specialist with 3-2 SBCT.Wamsley has even heard anecdotes of high frequency radios that, in perfect weather conditions, are able to reach between Afghanistan and Washington, D.C., although communication like that is far beyond their normal mission.Wamsley mentioned that Soldiers typically use satellite communication equipment when they need to communicate long distances, but the cost of using that equipment is far higher than using a basic high frequency radio.However, using high frequency radios does require a little additional training in how to properly set up and maintain antennas. There is high demand for translators/linguists, especially if you are able to understand more than two different languages. Getting paid to work with dogs all day is “dream job” material for a ton of people.

15 watching. I grew mentally, professionally, and maturely with the job.

The people are really down to earth and very personable. Coming out of the Army and into civilian aviation, you’re bound to have a ton of open doors. 35Ps are expert translators. All Rights Reserved.

Civilian equivalent?

We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. There is a great opportunity for learning and advancement.

Advertiser Disclosure: This site may be compensated through the advertiser affiliate program (at no cost to you). 68Ws are the EMTs/paramedics for the military.

This one is a bit trickier because there is no direct equivalent; but there are tons of civilian jobs that could use a 12B’s skillset. All of our nets are available in a variety of sizes for maximum concealment.

Not only is their job vitally important, but it’s a great industry with lots of learning and advancement opportunities.

The job is basically all about medical equipment. So based on enjoyment, compensation and civilian hireability, here are the top 10 Army MOSs in 2019. The CATS is a flexible system that supports commanders in designing their training programs by providing them with a menu of training tasks, events and resources to plan and manage training.

By Staff Sgt. It’s a demanding but rewarding job, which is why they land in our top 10 Army MOSs.

YES. Working with military working dogs has been extremely rewarding. For nearly the past eight months, I have served as the U.S. Army’s primary Physical Security Manager for 4th Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Germany. Your email address will not be published. I thoroughly enjoyed my colleagues and fellow aviators, have met life long friends and professionals as a result. Civilian equivalent? Kevin Goudreau, a Lebanon, Ind., native and radio transmission operator for 2nd Battalion, 3rd Infantry Regiment, 3-2 SBCT.Although Goudreau is a communication Soldier by trade, many of the other Soldiers assigned to be RTOs for their units are not, making training like this all the more important. 2 Used 9000 BTU/Hr Horizontal Air Conditioning Units for Military Shelter, SK. Commo- Communications personnel or equipment, COP- Small base in a combat area, combat outpost, Crypto- Code that scrambles a radio signal, Related Article – Military Banned Supplements List For 2020, DAP- Deltoid Auxiliary Protection.

Avionic Mechanics know how to fix and maintain pretty much every system on various Army aircraft. Civilian equivalent?

12Bs construct fighting positions, help the team navigate rough terrain, place and detonate explosives, detect mines, and a lot more. You get all the excitement of the field, and need to problem solve on the spot  — oftentimes in high-stress situations. Looking for online definition of COMMO or what COMMO stands for? I grew mentally, professionally, and maturely with the … Military Police NSN's: Range Supplies NSN's: Riot Gear NSN's: Printer Cartridge NSN's: Army Combat Shirt NSN's: Water Cooler NSN's: Cleaning Supplies NSNs: Office Supplies NSNs: MOST POPULAR, 2010: ACU Coat / Trouser NSN's O Being a part of military aviation has been one of the most rewarding accomplishments of my life.”. "Being able to communicate in any situation out in battle is very important," Goudraeu said. U.S. Army STAND-TO!

They’re the first medical care a wounded soldier is likely to see, often before even leaving the battlefield.

"Any Soldier is capable of doing it with the right training," Wamsley said.For the Soldiers who took part, this training helped open their eyes to just how important and technical their job can be.