20,000 Archaeology experience lamp  It is the first quest to include the Archaeology skill as a feature and a requirement. [[Fate of the Gods]] not required)","start":"Speak to [[Seren]] at [[Burthorpe Castle]]","length":"Very Long","members":true,"requirements":"

[[File:Quest.png|21px|link=]] Quests:
  • [[Desperate Measures|Desperate Measures]]
    • [[Desperate Times|Desperate Times]]
      • [[The Needle Skips|The Needle Skips]]
      • [[You Are It|You Are It]]
    • [[Anachronia base camp]] tutorial
\n\n*50 [[File:Archaeology-icon.png|21x21px|link=Archaeology|alt=Archaeology]] [[Archaeology]]\n\n*50 [[File:Agility-icon.png|21x21px|link=Agility|alt=Agility]] [[Agility]]"}, https://runescape.wiki/w/Desperate_Measures?oldid=34353645, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Use a tome in the southwest section of the map to solve Kerapac's pylon puzzles. The third location requires you to teleport to the Anachronia lodestone, then head west past the bridge and north-west past the Arcane Apoterrasaur, till you reach the dragonkin ruins. If anytime during this Charos disappears or you are unable to interact properly with him, log out and back in or try hopping worlds. This page was last modified on 23 October 2020, at 15:22. While preparing, Laniakea will come down to the lodestone and act as an ally in the fight. Remototem base 

", Azzanadra saying "Do not disappoint me." Talk to Primrose in her house to the west of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Jump to: navigation, search. {"difficulty":"[[File:Intermediate.svg|7px|Intermediate|link=]] Intermediate","kills":"* [[Black stone dragon (Desperate Measures)|Black stone dragon]] (level 91)","name":"Desperate Measures/Quick guide","items":"* 100 [[orthenglass]] (Can be stored in [[material storage container]]. Come back to Seren in Burthorpe. The first location is through the archway, immediately north of where you normally speak to Charos. 18.

He has now fallen back under Jas' control, bound to the Needle this time. 27. The mighty duck line may be a reference to The Mighty Ducks film or the, While fighting Kerapac, he will say "I am inevitable", a reference to the same line spoken by Thanos in, The shared dreaming used by the Nodon might be a reference to the film Inception or the StarGate SG1 episode "The Gamekeeper" (S2, E4), During the Kindra council memory, Kerapac says "These things are not the dragonkin way!". To get there quickly, go to the top floor of the Manor Farm in Ardougne and teleport using the mystical tree. Run to the eastern area where three large rocks will collapse and entrap the player. The Dactyl, Syrtes and Aughra will disappear. Seeing that you are willing to help, she will give you the Eye of Jas to stop Kerapac and advises you hurry before she and the others are forced to act.

She points out that she and the others can stop Kerapac, but doing so would completely destroy the island and nearby settlements. He will note that he observed nothing strange when he was alone, but that the readings began to fluctuate once you got close. Hannibus will translate the tablet and tell you to meet him in the ruins in the north east of Anachronia. From Nov. 6, you can be able to enjoy 48-hour Double XP time for 10 days. Kerapac encourages you to leave as the laboratory begins to collapse.

16. You should win without moving, but if you struggle then move your character around to get early hits on the bigger dinosaurs. Run north of the Anachronia base camp and down the two flights of stairs to the dragonkin gate. She will tell you to go to the Anachronia base camp and speak with Mr. Mordaut. Can also be obtained during quest from [[Anachronia north excavation site]])\n* [[The Measure]] (Obtained during quest if not in bank or inventory. Dinosaurs have stopped shaking while walking, thankfully. Can also be obtained during quest from [[Anachronia north excavation site]])\n* [[The Measure]] (Obtained during quest if not in bank or inventory. Next, you will need to show these two devices to Hannibus who is next to Prehistoric Potterington on her ranch on Anachronia. Fixed a formatting issue with the Desperate Measures Quest Journal. 10. Upon the completion, you will be able to obtain these rewards: Speak to Thok and walk down the path towards Anachronia's base camp.

You will then be teleported back to Seren and a dialogue box will open stating that you remember an alternative universe in which Jas tears your body apart. Jas will explain that she and her sisters already know of Kerapac's plot, but cannot intervene directly because Kerapac's shadow anima device is a toxic barrier to them. You can't be wielding anything in your hands. 8. Follow the instructions set out when starting the fight with your team members (Hannibus, Thok, Charos and Laniakea).

Although he states that he could easily kill you all, he decides not to out of pity, and advises you spend your final moments wisely. The first location is a bit north of the entrance where you talk to him. "; During the quest Thok says he wishes to be a mighty duck or maybe a goose. Most importantly, this time you can receive Double XP in Archaeology skill. Inspect the pylon after the dragonkin disappears and your character will remember the correct symbol when you need to enter it. Speak to Mr. Mordaut in the Anachronia Base Camp. Symbols on the walls of each room will tell you which room you are in; you can figure out which one is which by looking at how many characters are in the name, and whether the first and last letter are the same or different. Once inside, talk to Hannibus and enter the next dream, the Kindra Council Memory. The codes are the same for all players. Fast walkthrough to new RS Desperate Measures. After the fight is complete, speak with Charos again. Fortunately, the death of the black stone dragon has allowed your allies to enter. While inside, he will mention that some of the Nodon are dreaming, but it is a shared dream and he is able to transport you into their dream.

All Rights Reserved. Desperate Measures is directly required for the following quests/miniquests: From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape. See the picture for more information. 9. This quest has an in-depth guide here.

Your quest log should update to go speak to Seren. Attack Kerapac, although he will not take any damage. Remember these symbols and talk with Hannibus to exit the dream. (Note: If you die while fighting Dragon it is. The dragon's attacks are the same as the one encountered in the Dragonkin Laboratory, but it is nowhere near as strong, nor does it summon black hands - nevertheless, take your best combat equipment and food. If a wave is failed, the entire run must be redone again. 11. The new quest in the Elder Gods series, RS Desperate Measures, has been released in game on July 27th. Once finished talk to Charos. Talk to Charos after the fight is complete. The locations of Charos and where you have to place the Measure is given in the image on the right.

Do not begin the agility course. Kerapac will appear soon after, realizing what you are up to. Go north towards the. (When your character exclaims that a symbol looks correct, continue the dialogue instead of exiting the chat box. Return to the front of the ruins and enter the door with the passphrase you heard. She reveals that Jas has accepted her request and will send you to talk with her. This page was last modified on 20 September 2020, at 19:15. The order that you visit the last three locations doesn't matter. Otherwise, Hannibus won't recognize the correct sequence.).

Please note that on some occurrences, placing the Measure will not trigger the chat. You will be able to enter the lower chamber on the north side with the correct phrase.