, William learned the discipline to control his breathing, temper, and reactions from several years of martial arts. They also love having an orderly and disciplined life, but not one without balance. When the storm burst, he remained entrenched behind the barriers of his own disciplined empire; sovereigns truckling in a panic to insurgent democracies he would not lift a finger to help;' it was not till Francis Joseph of Austria in 1849 appealed to him in the name of autocracy, reasserting its rights, that he consented to intervene, and, true to the promise made at Miinchengratz in 1833, crushed the insurgent Hungarians and handed back their country as a free gift to the Habsburg king. In the Biographia he avows that the writings of Kant "more than any other work, at once invigorated and disciplined my understanding"; yet the gist of his estimate there is that Kant left his system undeveloped, as regards his idea of the Noumenon, for fear of orthodox persecution - a judgment hardly compatible with any assumption of Kant's Christian orthodoxy, which was notoriously inadequate. But so far he's staying disciplined (just one run off 18 balls ). and would not make up his mind to sanction operations which, at the cost of a few hundred lives, would have saved thousands who perished miserably of disease.2 These then were the leading principles which underlay Nicholas's domestic and foreign policy from first to last: to discipline Russia, and by means of a disciplined Russia to discipline the world. However, some schools have a zero tolerance for violence so if two students are discovered in a fight, both are disciplined, often by suspension, even though one may be the bully and the other the victim. She took care never to have to deal with a disciplined opponent, except the Swedes, who beat her, but who were very few. Braver hearts never beat beneath a cuirass, but they were not armed, All things considered, it was the best drilled and, Indeed, this great army of "kultur" was, in reality, but a, Elsa attempted to reduce to insignificance by a, Finally there remains the consideration of the bearing of this interpretation upon the more refined and, Warm tributes were paid by the captain to the cool and, And that no soldier amounted to shucks till he was knocked about and, This is a perfectly simple thing to do, if the brain has been, The degree of variance may not be considerable and with a well, The doctor reacted against the gloominess of the situation and retained all the coolness and self-possession of a. But I do try to be quite disciplined in the way that I eat.". How is disciplined handled, and will it fit in with your philosophy? The disciplined philosopher, who had devoted himself to the task of comprehending the organism of the state, had no patience with feebler or more mercurial minds who recklessly laid hands on established ordinances, and set them aside where they contravened humanitarian sentiments. But, regardless of the need for specialty shoes, hip hop dancing is still a disciplined art. Whether employed in distinct units or as individual lances they differed from the Hungarian nobility in that they were highly disciplined professionals.

Combining both structured moments with moments when children can exercise their own expression is a great way to develop disciplined dancers while allowing children to develop their creativity at the same time. The football team was disciplined by a professional trainer. He converted a plundering tribe into a settled and civilized population, and out of robbers and marauders made efficient and disciplined soldiers. 211. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com.

For these programs, developers used an evolutionary approach, disciplined processes, and meaningful metrics. Nature follows strict discipline.. No office can run without discipline. On the other hand, the need for political and social order involved the necessity for a disciplined and homogeneous religious body; the exercise of power, moreover, soon transformed the democratic Christianity of the earlier churches into a federation of little conservative monarchies. "The superiority of these men - more intelligent than the common soldiers, better disciplined, better trained, better armed, excellent horsemen and fighting for a great cause - not only over the other parliamentary troops but over the royalists, was soon observed in battle. It was his whim, as part of his general liberalism, to depreciate the education he received; but it seems to have been a very sound and good education, which formed the basis of his extraordinarily wide, though never extraordinarily accurate, collection of knowledge subsequently, and (a more important thing) disciplined and exercised his literary faculty and judgment. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The revolted soldiery with one accord thronged towards Delhi, and in a short time the city was garrisoned by a rebel army variously estimated at from 50,000 to 70,000 disciplined men. By continual economy he left in the former the immense sum of 70 million thalers; the latter, at the time of his death, numbered 200,000 men, disciplined with all the strictness to which he had throughout life accustomed his troops. By the aid of these auxiliaries the fort of Ala Shehr was captured (1392), Manuel Palaeologus, son of the emperor, being allowed, in common with many other princes, the privilege of serving in the Turkish army, then the best organized and disciplined force extant. It was certain that, since the troublous times of 1896, the Transvaal had greatly increased its armaments; but at their best, except by a very few,' the Boers were looked upon by British military experts as a disorganized rabble, which, while containing many individual first-class marksmen, would be incapable of maintaining a prolonged resistance against a disciplined army.