We shall therefore first treat of these under four headings: formation and preparation of the garden, garden structures and edifices, garden materials and appliances, and garden operations. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. In addition to this they brought philosophy and scientific thoroughness to bear on studies which had been pursued in a more literary spirit. Notable are the two Roman Catholic churches, beautiful Gothic edifices of the -14th century, the Protestant church, and the handsome townhall. 3) The American consulate was a magnificent edifice in the centre of Bordeaux. The remains are extensive and well preserved, though the identifications of the existing buildings with those mentioned by Spartianus who records that Hadrian gave to them the names of various well-known edifices at Athens and elsewhere, cannot in most cases be treated as certain. New and palatial buildings of the various ministries, several high and middle schools, a few big hospitals, and the residences of several Hungarian magnates, are among the principal edifices in this part of the town. Examples of Edifice in a sentence. Among other institutions are the new post office, begun in 1902 and finished in 1907; the Mineria, occupied by the schools of mining and engineering; the military school, occupying a part of the castle of Chapultepec; the Iturbide palace, now occupied as a hotel; the Iturbide theatre, occupied by the chamber of deputies, for which a new legislative palace to cost 2,500,000 pesos was under construction in 1909; the new palace of justice; the old mint, dating from 1537; the new penitentiary, completed in 190o; the Panteon, with its monuments to the most celebrated Mexicans; the new general hospital; the jockey club on Plaza Guardiola, a new university (1910) and new school edifices of modern design. No. It is a stagnant, poorly built town of one-storeyed houses and mudwalled cabins, with few public edifices and business houses of a better type. The kasbah, which occupies the northern corner of the city, dates from Roman times, and preserves in its more modern portions numerous remains of other Roman edifices. The edifices raised by the Moorish kings of Spain and the Moslem rulers of India may have been more splendid in their materials, and more elaborate in their details; the houses of the great men of Damascus may be more costly than were those of the Mameluke beys; but for purity of taste and elegance of design both are far excelled by many of the mosques and houses of Cairo. The city is mainly lighted by electricity, which has also found its way into all the public edifices and most private houses. Definition of Edifice. Besides the palatial edifices erected in connexion with the mineral water-cure, there are churches of various denominations, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Russian-Greek and Anglican, schools and benevolent institutions. 2. In 1906 (according to Bulletin 103 (1909) of the Bureau of the U.S. Census) there were 659 organizations with 7.73 church edifices reported and the total membership was 124,938. Greedy developers, government sycophants and greenie fetishists blatantly lie that their wind-turbines are safe and attractive edifices. Hence it was surrounded on all sides by public buildings or edifices of a commanding character.