[4][5][6], In 2014, she became interim CEO of Reddit. Ellen Pao Career. [62], While the trial was taking place, a gender discrimination suit was filed against Twitter by Tina Huang and a suit alleging sexual and racial discrimination was filed against Facebook by Chia Hong. If you've ever wondered if it's possible to fix tech and what it will take... Ellen K. Pao is a tech investor and advocate, the former CEO of reddit, and a cofounder of the award-winning diversity and inclusion nonprofit Project Include. The editorial described what she called "one of the largest trolling attacks in history" and the subsequent outpour of support. [65][66][67][68] Though many reporters commented positively on the changing culture, some expressed a prediction that companies would be less likely to hire women during a period of abundant legal action. Ultimately, the board asked me to demonstrate higher user growth in the next six months than I believe I can deliver while maintaining reddit’s core principles. Pao claimed that she was terminated abruptly[33] while Kleiner Perkins claimed that she was given a month to accept a paid five-month transition to an operating role. “I heard often that women were just not funny or that we weren’t able to take a joke or didn’t smile enough,” she writes, recalling that her boss suggested she take a course in stand-up comedy in order “to get airtime.” Of course, as Pao acidly notes, “I didn’t find the men particularly hilarious.” They went on all-male retreats and arranged all-male dinners, insisting women would “kill the buzz.” When Kleiner hired an investigator and Pao tried to report an extended conversation between some of the men about porn stars, the investigator kept asking her about a porn star they hadn’t talked about, “saying that Sasha Grey was crossing over into legitimate acting. Pao lost her case in 2015, after a grueling cross-examination by the other side’s attorney, who presented into evidence a “resentment” chart Pao kept of her colleagues and accused Pao of “never” having “done anything for women.” “I’d been instructed by my lawyers not to respond to comments like that, because it might open me up to more criticism — jurors could find me difficult or aggressive,” Pao writes.

He has been a serious hardcore gamer considering he changed into going to school. “I ended up coming across as remote, even a piece robot, as I bit my tongue to preserve my answers short and noncombative.”, This pressing wants to keep away from seeming “hard or competitive” wasn’t absolutely strange to her. Her work life will never be what she hoped. Taiwanese-American investor Ellen Pao stands at a perfect height of 5 feet and 4 inches. [95] The first drew attention to the fact that Victoria Taylor was fired by Alexis Ohanian. She is contemplating writing a book. Pao's maternal grandfather[19] was a graduate of the Republic of China Military Academy, He later went on to serve as a commander in the Chinese Civil War under Chiang Kai-shek and, in 1948, moved the family to Taiwan, where he retired with the rank of Colonel in 1960. [39] Pao became the interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in November 2014 after Yishan Wong resigned.

Ex-Husband: Roger Kuo
Later, in 2015 her unpopular decisions made during Pao’s tenure at Reddit generated a wave of controversy that culminated in her stepping down. If you don’t talk, you’re too quiet. [87] Expressing frustration over the decline in communication from Reddit management, AMA moderators stated that they had only learned about the firing indirectly after it happened. [1][2][3], Pao first became known in 2012 for filing an unsuccessful gender discrimination suit against her employer, venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, and has continued to express vocal criticism of the hiring and promotion practices in Silicon Valley. Readers looking for other kinds of workplace gossip will find a smattering here: a venture capital scion who “never seemed to work particularly hard”; a self-proclaimed vegetarian who would load up his plate with steak at the office lunch buffet; the managing partners’ bizarre fixation on hiring 26-year-olds. ", "I just noticed Ellen Pao is a moderator on this subreddit", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ellen_Pao&oldid=981360240, United States employment discrimination case law, American people of Northern Han Chinese descent, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 October 2020, at 20:55. [14] Ellen Pao is fluent in English and Mandarin and first learned to code from her mother at age ten. They promised her a meritocracy and gave her a glass ceiling instead: “It just wasn’t fair.”, She’s right. [31] The lawsuit alleged workplace retaliation by a male junior partner, resulting from his and Pao's romantic affair. According to Pao, she had the job title of junior partner from her date of hiring[28] and was promised an opportunity to move into an investing role. [80] One month later, the book was acquired by Spiegel and Grau and given the title Reset. For her book, even though, it places Pao lower back in protection mode, as she abandons the scabrous energy of her center chapters and reverts to the type of upbeat language she used while describing her childhood.

Ellen Pao was born in 1970 in New Jersey. [42] As motivation for the change, she cited findings that women were more likely to be penalized for attempting to negotiate pay. Law professor Joan Williams commented that it would have been "quite a coincidence" if these actions were not influenced by Ellen Pao. [82] One such community, r/FatPeopleHate, had over 150,000 subscribers. [75] Pao filed an objection to this with the argument that an award against the plaintiff could result in a chilling effect on future discrimination cases. [90] She received increased harassment as a result and the petition for her removal surpassed 200,000 signatures. (“Maybe it’s the operational manager in me, but all I can think about are apocalypse logistics: What zombie pilot goes flying all those planes, and which zombie air-site visitors controller goes to assist land them?”) Lonely, and at an age whilst she idea she would have begun an own family, she has a few sexual encounters with a colleague, whom she describes as charmless but persistent. Pao is an accomplished woman, after all — a triple threat with degrees in engineering (Princeton), law (Harvard) and business (Harvard, again) — and “Reset” includes a number of passages delineating the very fine line that a professional woman in a male-dominated field will, at some point, most likely find herself treading: “Is it possible that I am really too ambitious while being too quiet while being too aggressive while being unlikable? This sounds like a promising development for Silicon Valley.