[110] After the Tower of Heaven threat was annihilated, Shô prepares to leave Erza silently but Erza intercepts them and she prepares the Fairy Tail Farewell ceremony.

In their younger years, Erza and Mirajane were rivals. Her bangs cover most of her left eye, but she can see out of it, despite that being very important to Esmeralda in a battle. However, as a boulder almost crushed Kagura, Erza pushed her out of the way and saved her. [72], Azuma, a member of the elite team Seven Kin of Purgatory from the Dark Guild Grimoire Heart, has a different view of battle than Erza, thinking of it as an entertainment of sort, whereas Erza made claim that she only needs the power to protect her comrades. However, if I nail your character I will scream out 'Called It'(most likely waking my neighbors up in the process). [29] However, this did not stop her from preventing Gajeel from being chosen to be a contestant in the S-Class Mage Promotion Trials.

Eileen assured her daughter watching as she slowly drifted back to the world of dreams. Both asking about the other's wounds from the battle, Erza shows her willingness to forge a good relationship with her, stating that they're from the same village and should be friends. Later, following puberty, Elwin began to obsess over women and developed a strange idealized version of a woman in his head, composed of the many features of the women in the guild. "But it turns out my liege was alive all along so the project was all for nothing.".
"We can rest once we get back on land." Should I continue? "She might be out for a while, but she'll be alright.

[12] Similarly, Lucy, along with a few others, entered the Tower of Heaven and fought Jellal and his minions to rescue Erza when she was kidnapped by her former friends. "I've learned a lot because of you." This, incidentally, did create some distance between the two. [86], Kagura Mikazuchi and Erza originally met when they were in Rosemary Village and during when a group of followers led by Zeref attempted to kidnap children, Erza saved a scared Kagura from being captured. [75] Following his defeat, he was willing to respect the promise he had made to Erza, at the same time warning her about Ultear Milkovich, and apologizing for what the latter one had done to Jellal Fernandes, a person dear to Erza.

I never even so much as held her."

Lets find out.

The sound echoed through the air as Kagura's unsheathed sword clashed with the Scarlet haired woman's staff. Here she is in sunny Hargeon. "The Magic King." Esmeralda has a strong sense of direction, though at times misguided and irrational. Reaching behind her to grab a blanket she soon covered her daughter with. Nightmares of the Tower flashed harder for Jellal than they did when he saw Simon through Historia no less than ten minutes ago.

What about August? With her resolve, Erza turned the tables on Kagura and struck her down. If only her body didn't feel like lead. Hearing two sets of hands slap the ships wood floor. So many questions running through her head. "You should have been able to beat both of them by yourself." However, Kagura stated that the term "sister" was better for the two of them, causing Erza to blush and push Kagura into her bosom, happily referring to her as "cute". After growing a bit older, and finding appreciation in her friend's attempts to adapt to her condition, Esmeralda worked with her father, joining his team Crime Sociere in order to strengthen her abilities to fight, even with her condition. For this reason, Esmeralda would often requip into the armor with a turtleneck underneath the armor, creating some awkward and uncomfortable outfits. Xavier and Esmeralda have been friends since birth, and as some of the oldest members of the new generation of Fairy Tail, they have a certain unappointed authority over the rest. Lucy admires Erza's strength and beauty and considers Erza a role model. Mystogan constantly wore a mask and used Sleep Magic to put the Mages of the guild asleep while he was visiting for Erza's sake since,[93] due to the fact that he was the Edolas counterpart of Jellal Fernandes, he was the spitting image of Jellal. [107] They spent time together and one day, they decided to escape. Though knowing little about love she could tell through his anger that the man she just took care of must love, or be in love with her daughter. "You'd do that to your own daug..." Feeling like his back just got hit by his own Meteor Spell with even more pressure being put on him that made the wood beneath him start to crack.

Elwin Strauss, Jellal Fernandes (father) Feeling a slight sway did she guess they must be on a boat. "UGGHHHHH!" "Erza!" Erza also seems to take interest in Lucy's undergarments[13] as well as her other clothing and looks to Lucy for information on the latest fashion. [78] Believing that Erza had betrayed them, Millianna took part in her kidnapping, restraining Erza's comrade Lucy Heartfilia in the process. Her calm exterior would often melt within an instant whenever Elwin showed indifference to Esmeralda as a woman, and she would often lash out violently for this reason.

[88], During their battle on the final day of the Grand Magic Games, Kagura brutally assaulted Erza. [84] As the young Mage's face grew visbly angry from seeing the man she hated, Erza put herself in the issue, telling Millianna she had forgiven Jellal. Having inherited much of Erza's original armor, Esmeralda has a large variety of requip armors to chose from. Erza and Jellal both worked hard to provide Ezzie with a childhood that they themselves had lost, and having lost their child Simon shortly after his birth, both became strongly attached to Esmeralda, working to bring her happiness. He believed that, like freedom, Magic also dwelt in the heart. Once Kagura revealed her hatred was due to her being Simon's sister, the man whom Jellal killed, Erza stated it was her fault for being weak at the time of his death. "A daughter I never wanted." Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 100, Page 26-28, Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 121, Page 14-18, Fairy Tail Manga: Omake, Welcome to Fairy Hills! He has been since the first time he met the young Mage. [35] However, their rivalry ended abruptly when Lisanna, Mirajane's sister, supposedly died. "My name is Eileen Belserion.".

"Are you alright?". They first met in the Tower of Heaven, back when it was being constructed. Jellal drew in a deep breath of relief having defeated the final member of the Spriggan 12 in Hargeon freeing the port city. As he shielded Erza from Jellal destructive Altairis, he dies, and admits his love towards Erza. [65] Though later, Erza told Lucy that what she thought that possibly Jellal was responsible for stopping the tower from destroying both her and Natsu since at that moment Natsu had defeated him; he was freed from the spirit of Zeref and returned to his old, kind self and that he fused with Etherion in Erza's place and guided the Magic up to the sky.

During the events of Galuna Island, when Erza wanted her teammates to return to the guild in spite of their mission still going, Gray stated that he was disappointed by her, not backing off even before her sword, and insisting on finishing their task; something which eventually convinced Erza to help them out.
Main premise is what if Eileen Belserion was in Hargeon instead of the snowy mountains. "That's a nice sword you have there." This is shown when she trusts Natsu to defeat Laxus Dreyar, who is clearly stronger than Natsu, while she left to destroy the Lacrima from the Lightning Dragon Slayer's Thunder Palace spell. [16] In spite of this, the two of them get along very well, being part of the same team,[17] as well as great friends, which, in their childhood, were close enough to bath together alongside Natsu. Now understanding why Erza was so powerful, and kept getting more so. "I only had her so I could move up the ranks.". Rounding up to 30), yet she looks to be in her early 20's.". Still running her fingers through the younger woman's soft silky red hair.