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These fan-taken videos of the charismatic NCT’s Doyoung will brighten up your day!

His younger brother Doyoung is a K-pop singer best known as a member of the boy musical group NCT.

Gong Myung Facts And Profile Gong Myung is a Korean actor who first debuted with the group 5urprise in 2013, under Fantiago Entertainment. Between Doyoung’s teaser pictures above, which one do you like the most from NCT’s comeback? They also played the most popular game of the show, the Flinch Game! Gong Myung (born Kim Dong-hyun on May 26, 1994) is a South Korean actor. Gong Myung in the drama Revolutionary Love (2017) as Kwon Je-hoon. The jacket itself also has a boxy fit and no chain or zipper detailing, giving it a more wearable, casual look.

[1], He has a younger brother, Doyoung (real name Kim Dong-young), who is a member of the boy group NCT. Kim Dong-young (Hangul: 김동영) referred to as Doyoung (Hangul: 도영) is a South Korean singer, born in Guri, Gyeonggi on February 1, 1996.He is one of the main vocalists of NCT U and NCT 127.

In a recent interview, 5urprise member Gong Myung talked about his younger brother - NCT U's Doyoung. Let’s take a look NCT’s Doyoung’s appearance throughout time below! Gong Myung in the drama If You Were Me 6 (2013) as Seon-jae.

Gong Myung in the drama The Bride of Habaek (2017) as Bi-ryum. Or pleather! Let’s take a look at NCT’s Doyoung’s bare face when he arrived at the airport.

Take a tip from Doyoung on how to look chic in sweats! Gong Myung wore this striped polo tee to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland, and made sure to snap an adorable picture to share with fans.

One of the first accounts he followed soon afterward was his brother Gong Myung's account! He was in a band called "Heart Attack" with friends during school days.

NCT’s Doyoung is the main vocal of his band and also has a strong voice among the other members. He has a younger brother, Doyoung (real name Kim Dong-young), who is a member of the boy group NCT.

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The photos above were taken during the time Doyoung was a trainee at SM Entertainment for SM Rookies. A definition of boyfriend material, indeed! #NCT127onCorden pic.twitter.com/gyc6kMG0mG, — The Late Late Show with James Corden (@latelateshow) May 15, 2019. He used to have a rabbit as a pet when he was a child and he also likes to collect any accessories in rabbit shapes. NCTzens will know that Doyoung loves his checkered shirts!

Gong Myung also can rock the casual button-up! NCT Jaehyun And Taeyong’s Awkward Trophy Moment Is Making Everyone Cackle, NCT’s Doyoung And SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Surprises With Their Close Friendship, NCT U Under Fire For Cultural Appropriation And Allegedly Mocking Indian Culture, 5 Times TWICE’s Sana And Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Showed Off Their #BFFGoals Chemistry, BTS’s Jin Once Tried To “Expose” V For His Sleeping Habits, But It Ended Up Backfiring, Cosmetic Stores Remove Red Velvet Irene’s CLINIQUE Model Pictures Following Her Recent Controversy, 6 Of BTS Suga’s Best “Back In My Day” Stories, BLACKPINK’s Lisa Had A Savage Response About Jisoo’s Height, Super Junior’s Heechul Blasts A Hater On Instagram, Exposing The Nasty DMs He Received, Staff Member’s Recollection Of Yoo Jae Suk’s Behavior On Set Resurfaces In Online Communities, 4 Stories About BTS’s Suga That Will Melt Your Heart, TWICE’s Mina Has Reached A New Level Of Unreal Beauty, According To K-Netizens, SEVENTEEN Vernon’s Reaction To TXT Soobin’s Height Is Hilariously Priceless. We love men that rock coats in the fall! Despite his fictional character, Gong Myung is a nice guy and has a good relationship with his co-workers, actors and actresses. Doesn’t he look cute even back then, before debuting? Apart from his looks, he is also standing out for his vocal performance by singing a lot of drama soundtracks, such as “Hard For Me” for the OST of Rich Man, Poor Woman, “Cool” feat. Last but not least, we love a guy that can look just as good in sweats as he does in a suit! There are many celebrity sibling pairs, but how many of them can live up to the fashion sense of NCT‘s Doyoung and actor Gong Myung? His older brother is Gong Myung (Kim Dong Hyun) from the boy group 5urprise. @NCTsmtown_127 just did THAT! NCT's Doyoung and his older brother/actor Gong Myung are already making fans LOL with their real-life sibling interactions on Instagram! Doyoung was often dressed in the edgy material for his promotions with “Punch”.

Talking about his younger brother in an interview, Gong said "[Doyoung] sang really well since he was young. Fans were so happy to see the interaction of worldwide class A MC, James Corden, interviewing NCT 127 as they have become the most anticipated South Korean boy band that went global with their talent and popularity. Alongside his small flock in the peaceful green pastures outside his tiny cottage, he couldn’t imagine that life could get any sweeter. Gong Myung talks about how proud he is of Doyoung… Let’s cheer for their upcoming comeback in the future so people will recognize them as entertainers too!

Gong Myung, who recently wrapped up his drama 'Ddanddara', stated, "This is … Here he rocks one that he has often been seen wearing, a piece from local Korean brand, Jhonny West. Sleepy eyes, bedhead and a comfy sweater?

from EXO. Can you choose which one is more handsome between the Kim brothers, NCT’s Doyoung or Gong Myung? Gong Myung in the drama Extreme Job (2019) as detective Jae-hoon.

Personal life. Sign us up. Doyoung wears a beige handmade wool piece, pairing it with glasses for a casual yet smart look. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. On May 15th, 2019, NCT 127 appeared as a guest star in the most popular television program, The Late Late Show With James Corden, and they participated by playing games, doing interviews, and performing their upcoming track. Gong Myung looked like the very epitome of a college boyfriend in a lettered sweatshirt and a baseball cap. Gong Myung rocked a similar look with a slightly more formal blazer coat for a pictorial.

Brotherly Moments Between NCT’s Doyoung and Gong Myung, Who’s More Handsome? NCT 127 is having their North America tour this year and they will be going around the world to promote their band and also release the upcoming track “Superhuman.”. They are indeed sweet siblings as they both become part of the entertainment industry, as an idol and actor, respectively. His windswept hair and sharp jawline makes him look otherworldly. Here are 5 moments in which they wore similar outfits but looked equally as handsome! We provide you with the latest Korean news. . His look is enhanced by his matching of the cap’s color to the piping on his sweatshirt, making him look a little more put together. Filmography Film.

What makes Gong Myung charming when he appears in many television dramas and movies is his ability to play a wide variety of characters. Doyoung is a simple shepherd boy in a rural village. Gong Myung in the drama Individualist Ms. Jiyoung (2017) as Byeok-soo. Other than his talent in acting, back in the days, he used to learn Taekwondo.

He looks so charismatic while performing despite how cute and sweet his appearance is. He is a member of 5urprise. But that was before Jungwoo came around, the only boy with the power to divert Doyoung’s attention away from his chores. Some time later, actor Gong Myung shared a

He looks up to D.O. Doyoung wore a bright blue striped piece that is now soldout on the website, due to his popularity. SHINee’s Key for the OST of 38 Revenue Collection Unit, and filled up the SM STATION project with Gugudan’s Se-jeong by releasing the single “Star Blossom.”. BNT News recently picked them as one of the celebrity brothers that absolutely shake hearts with their boyfriend looks.Here are 5 moments in which they wore similar outfits but looked equally as handsome!

While he doesn’t look too done up, he also could walk into any upscale restaurant with this and pass. His look is kept fashionable, with the nerdcore trend.

The members were divided into 3 groups, Doyoung with Taeyong and Jaehyun, Taeil with Haechan and Mark, Johnny with Yuta and Jungwoo. Gong Myung is known to be as charming as his brother. Well, that was all the information of Gong Myung and his younger brother, NCT’s Doyoung. Gong Myung was born Kim Dong-hyun on May 26, 1994, in South Korea. As a member of NCT, Doyoung was known to have a nickname as a bunny since his visual appearance is really cute just like a bunny. The face completes the fashion. During an interview with OSEN on June 20, 5urprise’s Gong Myung opens up about his younger brother Doyoung who is a member of boy group NCT. The two brothers have a great similarity between one another when it comes to visual appearance and looks. Now, we are going to take a look at NCT’s Doyoung’s older brother, Gong Myung. These looks looked doubly as good because of the good genes the family has! So, which one would you choose between these handsome siblings? Gong Myung (born Kim Dong-hyun on May 26, 1994) is a South Korean actor.

Check out Gong Myung’s appearance in dramas below!

Fans are also aware of his adorable appearance, who always looks very cute without even trying.