He found farming difficult; he lost money, and the value of the property decreased. Film looking at the descendants of the most powerful figures in the Nazi regime. The Stuart-Houston brothers, Hitler’s great-nephews, have since embraced an American way of life and have entirely rejected their dark heritage. She also told them she had met Eva Braun only once. Brothers Johann Georg and Johann Nepomuk Hiedler are associated with Adolf Hitler in several ways, although the biological relationship is disputed. Similarly, a painting in Hitler’s collection depicts a woman with an astonishing resemblance to Lobjoie.

Alois fell in love with a young woman from Dublin yet abandoned her once their son was born. When she was still only 23 years old, she acquired a lung disorder and became too ill to function. Getty ImagesSeaman First Class William Patrick Hitler, 34-year-old nephew of the late unlamented Nazi dictator, is shown (left), as he received his discharge from the U. S. Navy in the Fargo building Separation Center at Boston. There is some evidence Paula shared her brother's strong German nationalist beliefs, but she was not politically active and never joined the Nazi Party. People around the globe feared that this boy or girl would follow in their father’s footsteps. In 1842, he married Maria Anna Schicklgruber (15 April 1795 – 7 January 1847) and became the legal stepfather to her illegitimate five-year-old son, Alois. While the dictator did often speak of his (albeit ironic) love for children, he denied ever fathering any of his own. In 1939, he went on to join the French army against the Germans in World War II. In the 1950s, the third possibility became popular among historians, but modern historians have concluded that Frank's speculation has no factual support. When Adolf was confined in Landsberg, Angela travelled from Vienna to visit him. At the beginning of the First World War, Adolf Hitler was a resident of Munich and volunteered to serve in the Bavarian Army as an Austrian citizen. Hitler gave orders to check the possibility of a prisoner exchange with the Soviets for Stalin's son Yakov Dzhugashvili, who was in German captivity since 16 July 1941. In 1909, Alois Hitler Jr. met an Irishwoman by the name of Bridget Dowling at the Dublin Horse Show. She characterized her childhood relationship with her brother as one of both frequent bickering and strong affection. [60] Hitler refused and Raubal was captured by the Soviets on 31 January 1943. Now that you know the truth — and the speculations — about Hitler’s children, read about Hitler’s first love and niece, Geli Raubal. Johann Nepomuk became a relatively prosperous farmer and was married to Eva Maria Decker (1792–1873), who was fifteen years his senior. Not long after marrying her, Alois Hitler began an affair with 19-year-old Franziska "Fanni" Matzelsberger, one of the young female servants employed at the Pommer Inn, house No. Udolph, Jürgen Udolph & Fitzek, Sebastian (2005). She was delighted to meet him again in Vienna during the early 1920s, though she later claimed to have been privately distraught at his subsequent increasing fame.

The couple, however, had no chance to start a family of their own as one of history’s worst dictators took his life only an hour after the ceremony. Here he is pictured again with Bernile. After working as an apprentice waiter in the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, Alois Jr was arrested for theft and served a five-month sentence in 1900, followed by a nine-month sentence in 1902. She lived her entire life there and was married to Johann Baptist Pölzl (1825–1901), a farmer and son of Johann Pölzl and Juliana (Walli) Pölzl. Both Eduard and Maria died in Soviet custody in 1951 and 1953, respectively. They eloped to London and married on 3 June 1910. He was distraught by her death and possibly grieved for the rest of his life. The farm was called the Rauscher Gut. After midnight on the night of 28–29 April 1945, Adolf and Eva Braun were married in a small civil ceremony within the Führerbunker in Berlin.

As journalist Timothy Ryback said, “They live in absolute terror of being uncovered and their lives being turned upside down…There were American flags hanging from the houses of neighbors and dogs barking. The claim that Johann Georg was the true father of Alois was not made during the lifetime of either Johann Georg or Maria. It was a quintessentially Middle American scene.”, Although Hitler’s other two descendants still live in Austria, they have similarly tried to distance themselves from the dictator’s legacy. Angela was his intermediary to the rest of the family, because Adolf did not want communication with them. Whether Hitler's children actually existed remains to be proven, but one French woman claims a 1917 romance with the Führer ended with an illegitimate son. He never married nor had children. For starters, historians generally maintain that Hitler did not have children with his partner and short-lived wife, Eva Braun.

[50] Geli relocated into Hitler's Munich apartment in 1929 when she enrolled in the Ludwig Maximilian University to study medicine. [notes 4] Permission was granted, and on 7 January 1885 a wedding was performed in Hitler's rented rooms on the top floor of the Pommer Inn. After the war, a third party informed Bridget that he was dead. [19] Matzelsberger died in Ranshofen on 10 August 1884 at the age of 23.

She talked mostly about Hitler's childhood. William was not close to his father’s side of the family but had spent time with his uncle, Adolf Hitler. She declared that if Hitler had known what was going on in the concentration camps, he would have stopped them. "[81] Though none of Stuart-Houston's sons had children, his son Alexander, now a social worker, said that contrary to this speculation, there was not any intentional pact to end the Hitler bloodline.[82]. Brigid Hitler, the wife of Adolf Hitler’s stepbrother Alois, says goodbye to her son William Patrick Hitler outside the Astor Hotel in New York City. The Complicated Truth About Hitler’s Children: Was The Führer Actually A Father? The local bishop apparently believed this relationship was too close to approve on his own authority, so he forwarded the petition to Rome on behalf of Alois, seeking instead a papal dispensation, which was approved before the birth of the couple's first child. [54] He occasionally dated other women as well, including Hoffmann's daughter, Henrietta, and Maria Reiter. He married another woman, Hedwig Heidemann (or Hedwig Mickley[25]), in 1916. The question, “did Hitler have children,” is to some still in contention. Mrs. Brigid Hitler, the wife of Adolf Hitler’s stepbrother Alois, says goodbye to her son William Patrick Hitler outside the Astor Hotel in New York City. Johann Georg was the stepfather of Alois Hitler, who was Adolf Hitler's father, and Johann Nepomuk was the future Führer's maternal great-grandfather. Johanna Hiedler, the daughter of Johann Nepomuk and Eva Hiedler (née Decker) was born on 19 January 1830 in Spital (part of Weitra) in the Waldviertel of Lower Austria.
[51][56] Historian Ian Kershaw contends that stories circulated at the time as to alleged "sexual deviant practices ought to be viewed as anti-Hitler propaganda".