She has built the company from the ground up, and carefully selects her team to represent everything she has worked for. Pink print dress. Chance picks up Jamie's Barry Bond's autograph baseball, but Jamie grabs it back, telling him no as it is his baseball that’s been autographed by Barry Bond and slams his bedroom door. Fun Fact: Her most favorite thing to do is backpacking in the mountains! They are now all lifetime family members! It was Chance and they reunite followed by Sassy, except for Shadow, who has fallen into a muddy pit at the train yard and Peter laments that Shadow is too old to make it. In her past time she loves hiking in Hocking Hills, fall weather, and drinking a chai tea.

Today, Katie and her husband, Matt, live in Centerville with their four children. She attended school in the area for Fire Science, and was an Intern with Dayton Fire’s Investigation and Prevention Department. Fun Fact: She has been bitten by an Ostrich! In 2011, while traveling out in the Bad Lands of South Dakota in the middle of a snow storm – the name of her next adventure came to her: Homeward Bound… How perfect! In her free time she loves to capture all of life’s moments as a freelance photographer, videographer, and artist. Jamie was first seen attending his mom and stepdad's wedding, where his brother, Peter Burnford hands him a frog and he gives it to their sister, Hope Burnford, who then freaks out and drops the frog on the ground and Jamie bursts out laughing. A few days passed at their rented home, and Bob calls the San Francisco authorities to look for Shadow, Chance, and Sassy which they will and also need to watch out for some crooks who are trying to steal some dogs named Jack and Ralph and bring them to their lab. When Bob asks Jamie to say goodbye to Chance as the pets are taken to be loaded into the plane's cargo hold, Jamie sarcastically calls to Chance that he will see him later while Peter and Hope call out that they will met in Canada as the airport workers brings them to the plane's cargo hold where also Jamie and his family will be.

Desk Sergeant Kevin Chevalia. Learning of the pets being lost somewhere in San Francisco causes Jamie to become guilt-ridden for snaping at Chance, knowing he's to blame because of his earlier anger towards Chance. This is the ending of Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. Lightweight and non-stretchy woven fabric. He then apologizes for being a jerk to Chance lately and falls asleep with Laura saying that they will be back home soon. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993), Dr. Ken (2015) - S01E06 Ken Teaches Molly a Lesson, Dr. Ken (2015) - S02E11 A Park Family Christmas. They then saw Shadow and Sassy coming down the hill nearby. Back home, Jamie and his family meet and adopt a new dog named Delilah, Chance's love interest whom Shadow, Chance, and Sassy met in San Francisco while on their way back home and dealing with Ashcan, Pete, Jack, and Ralph. He and Hope are crying at hearing this, while Peter was upset and harshly scolds their father for leaving them at the farm and refusing to go look for them. They then hear a crash noise coming from inside the house, nearly interrupting the wedding and Shadow Peter's pet dog growls at the noise. When they finally return to San Francisco, his father hoped that Chance, Shadow, and Sassy are already at home.