When we refer to bluing, we typically think of the hot salt bluing that is usually done. Next comes degreasing. 0 To prepare the steel, you can sandblast the parts of your firearm you’re going to blue.

It really does look like a professional job. All Local Sales are FREE! Don’t be surprised if the bracket for the sights has a slightly different hue than the barrel, for example. “Hot” bluing: Uses an alkali salt solution called “Traditional Caustic Black.” It’s usually done at temperatures ranging from 275 to 311° F. This method is popular in commercial production and offers better rust-resistance than cold bluing.
It is not as durable as rust bluing or hot caustic. Read the safety portions of that BEFORE you begin, so if you have an accident you’ll already know what to do. I’ll give this a try.

While there are some stainless steels that are magnetic, the worst they will do is not blue. Unless the parts you’re wanting to blue are pretty clean already, then you should clean them before the actual cleaning cycle. Brownell Oxpho-Blue Professional Grade Cold Blue. So do your prep work accordingly. Bluing is a process by which steel is protected from rusting by passivation. With this kind of bluing, you apply the bluing agent by hand. I’m not a chemist by any means, so I’m sure there’s a lot more to it than that.

20 ($4.30/Fl Oz) Get it as soon as Wed, Oct 14. This is where Express Rust Bluing gets a bit repetitive. Until next time, Happy Building! [Update] This post was updated on [last-modified]. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Obviously, this is not agreeable with it submerged in a tank full of hot liquid! Also, keep in mind that bluing (or any finish for that matter) will not hide flaws in the metal surface. Fortunately, there is a similar but much faster process-Express Rust Bluing. startxref This will affect the color of the respective parts. It is up to you so keep checking the finish. There are some that you can realistically do a bit more than just touch up work with. Depending upon what you’re specifically trying to blue, you may be able to just thoroughly clean the part with acetone. One bottle of the solution will last you through a bunch of bluing sessions. If it sticks, you’re safe.

There are cold bluing solutions available as well.

75. If you want to go a little further, leave them in a bit longer. Required fields are marked *. So it doesn’t go anywhere you don’t directly put it. There are cold bluing solutions available as well. Any non-cosmetic changes to the metal inside the barrel will compromise the accuracy of the gun. Always wear eye protection when performing the tasks described. Why doesn’t the bore get rusty, through all the cleaning and bluing cycles? He is currently pursuing a Gunsmithing Technician Certificate from Trinidad State Junior College. Keep posting like this. It will likely cause an explosion. If you don’t put bluing agent in your bore, it won’t get in there. It’s as simple as that!

Turn the heat on and give a good regular stirring until it gets very hot and starts to steam. In the meantime, place all the parts into the basket. $40.75 $ 40. Hot Salts Bluing (Black Oxide) Hot Salts Bluing is a simple process for coloring metal, but you must pay attention to detail if you wish to obtain satisfactory results. I use a heated solution of plain Dawn dish soap-which I will describe later. Modifying your firearm will affect its value. The one thing I did wrong was that the oven mitts I used were not sufficiently degreased and it affected the outcome in a few spots. But as long as you can re-orient the part to where it covers all of what was hanging out before, then this process will allow you to blue it. If you are doing a slow rust bluing, plug the bore to protect the rifling. That’s where this process is really nice. Use a steel tool to stir (remember the fumes).

Like anything, there are some limitations to this process. This takes the process down to something you can do in an afternoon (as long as the parts are already prepped).

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Lastly, any welded areas or spots will probably not blue evenly with the rest of the surface. Now, what do I do for finishing?” These days there are quite a few options out there for firearm finishes.