Their words? overall, the film drove us into a created world, clearly inspired by the quirky collectiveness of outkast's revolutionary hip hop music. A character considers suicide by hanging, going so far as to arrange the noose and chair in his house. I can't believe people aren't seeing this movie...especially black folks. . We keep being tugged from the ’30s to the present with rap’s gangsta-style fur coats, the use of monikers such as “pimp,” and … rap music itself. It took me back. He asks her what she’s doing there and she explains that the “Good Lord” had sent her to that spot to wait (seven hours so far). Frequent OutKast collaborator Bryan Barber's first feature extends the twofer project of their 2003 double album Speakerboxx/The Love Below , tweaking gangster movie conventions with brilliant choreography, hip-hop beats, and inventive visual compositions. It was a far better mystery/suspense/gangster film than most. But other parts of the film were morose and uninteresting. The movie was entertaining and I would sit through the boring parts again any time to see how brilliant the dancing and music was. It is a highly stylized slice of life. Even the movie’s stick figure men—who dance across Percival’s sheet music—tip a bottle from time to time. This has a very beautiful effect for the multiple tones of brown in the skins of the black actors, dancers, and musicians. Families can talk about the friendship between Rooster and Percival. For example, Percival gets out of bed one morning with a song on his lips.

"Idlewild" is about two friends Percival (Andre 3000) and Rooster (Big Boi) that grow up in different lifestyles but have the same dream, that dream is make it out of Idlewild and into show business. It doesn't fit neatly into a category. Say HELLO DOLLY and where is the RENT! Byran Barber's directing of the idea he chose this picture is excellent and even though he's a music video director, he still makes it a great film. I waited over a year for this movie, and it was worth it!!! Percival comes to Angel’s aid and helps her find the courage to reach for her dreams of being a singer. a dignity so poingant and artful, that it shattered the constructs of representation of sexual acts in one very artfully presented love scene. In some ways, it completely lived up to its expectations and in others, it failed miserably. Good music/dancing.

With so many movies that have music in them not appealing to me, this one was right on target. | Percival has to decide if he should leave his father and take Angel and his music to Chicago. Outkast has us marching to the beat of their drum with 'Idlewild', a Gem of Black Cinema (Hell,cinema in general). The rest will have to see to believe.

If you understand them, you will understand the movie it is a . How does the film use music (singing and dancing) to move the plot? Rooster carries a flask with an animated talking rooster that advises him; characters smoke cigarettes, cigars, and pipes regularly; Rooster collects "hooch" from bootleggers; characters drink liquor and champagne in the club, "Church. .See the movie! I especially enjoyed the mix of Hip-Hop and Old School. In fact, by the time the central characters reach their moment of “redemption,” it feels like it doesn’t fit somehow. God don't make no mistakes. In his grief, Percival prepares her for a funeral (in an odd musical moment) and then attempts to hang himself. . FAQ

I have just seen Idlewild--at the $1.00 movie (only because I work a lot and haven't had time...catching up) This was a beautiful movie, to me. Every cut and angle put you right in the middle of the frenzied action going on in "The Church".

We felt like the screenplay could have been written for this cast, and the juxtaposition of rap music over 1930's rhythm worked in a crisp and welcome way. What could Outkast do next to top the success of their double cd speakerboxx/love below? Later, Angel returns the favor by helping Percival see that he has been hiding behind his father’s wishes, even though he wants to try to make it as a musician. It has everything, great choreography great music (I normally dislike musicals), nice plot, and very good actors. He takes a sniff and says, “It’s stinky,” but he carries it with him and drinks from it frequently as an adult.

And then there’s the disappearing plot of this crime fable.

The special effects are fun to watch and the cinematography is very well done. I thought it was well paced, good dialog and had just enough action. There were parts of it I really loved – the prologue scenes, and some of the musical numbers, and then parts that just seemed to go splat on the screen. (The rooster on the front also comes to life and encourages him to drink more.). I enjoyed it from beginning to end!

Its interest in dead women is also a little weird. Though they hardly appear on screen together, how does the film connect them thematically and aesthetically? Creative photography. Ratings, review and more on Rooster and Rose (Ace’s girlfriend) are shown having loud, vocal sex in the back seat of a car. Idlewild (2006) Movie Reviews - Cinafilm has 558 reviews of Idlewild from movie critics and film fans. How Technology Is Reshaping Democracy and Our Lives, Participate in DigCit Week with your kid by using curated activities from Wide Open School, Online Playdates, Game Nights, and Other Ways to Socialize at a Distance, Keeping Kids Motivated for Online Learning, Set limits for violence and more with Plus, 5 Tips to Make Family Movie Night a Success. Andre is so wonderful and the music is just the best. A thoroughly engaging and entertaining piece of film fare loosely set in a rural area in the early 1930's. Not "black people". In a creative twist, the cuckoo birds stick their heads out of the clocks lining his wall and sing along. Can't wait for the soundtrack! Just know that in the "D"(Detroit), we love it and can't wait for the DVD! Hard to believe these guys are rappers.

These are two astonishingly talented men (Andre and Big Boi) and simply as a showcase for that talent, this film succeeds. Don't agree that we'll see award nominations here though. Quiet and timid, Percival is filling time as he reluctantly waits to take over the mortuary. While Rooster must figure out a way to stay ahead of Trumpy, Ace’s killer. I was in the local Blockbuster using my unlimited movie pass and realized I had seen the majority of the movies in the store. This story centers on bootleggers and a speakeasy. And, all the actors are black.

“Ain’t that much time now/I got to f— you now.”. It was interesting to see the members of Outkast in such different roles, especial Percival.

Sort of like rap lyrics in a period piece.

IDLEWILD - a film for people that love the cinema. the dance numbers made you want to get up and dance! By Manohla Dargis. God’s name is profaned a dozen or so times, mostly in conjunction with “d–n.” “Lord, Lord, Lord” and “Praise Jesus” are also used more as exclamation than praise. How are the protagonists' transformations significant, as the stereotypically "gangster" Rooster become a devoted family man and the shy Percival becomes a star piano player? So, with all these strengths, it’s a pity that Idlewild ends up floundering on almost every level. He nonchalantly chats with him for a few moments and then shoots him again point-blank. Rooster’s story is a violent one. Some of the pieces, of course, aren't rap. Thank you for your support. This, in my humble opinion, is a watershed film for African-American film-makers. So drinking hard alcohol (hooch) and smoking (cigarettes, cigars and pipes) takes place in all but a handful of scenes. Anyway, it would be a shame if people overlooked this movie just because they're not into rap or hip-hop; because it is a truly magical and inspiring film. She puts her legs up on his shoulders and we see her sensual expressions as he gives her oral sex. IDEWILD is easily the Best Musical of the last 25 years. This movie has so much creativity and energy. Idlewild Review. Beautifully composed and infectiously energetic, Idlewild often seems more like a two-hour music video than a fully plotted movie. A mortician works on bodies, one arriving with blood under its head. User Ratings A couple of sex scenes: one in the back of a car involves cunnilingus (a man is cheating on his wife); a second scene takes place in a bedroom. The dancing is good, the characters incorporate the songs with their personal lives and these scenes are a lot of fun to watch. At various times he is either wielding a gun or being shot at, leaving someone dead and the walls splattered with blood.

Sort by: Filter by Rating: 8 /10. The show gets off to a fun start and the characters look promising. We never tire of those old cars, clothes and styles, but we're grateful for all of this "new" talent and exceptional music. The music was fantastic, the dancing was unbelievably good, the story was good. The ever so deftly crafted admixture of snappy, well articulated dialog, rousing stage numbers, romantic interludes, gangster high-jinks, animated cartoon comedic characters and whatever else I have left out is a resounding testament to Bryan Barber's cinematic skills. By Joe Lozito 'Kast Off. all of this was done with an acute sense of stylization that resonated with me as purely unique and signature to this particular film. ie; Jim Crow sucked. That was something of a surprise to me, because I'm not particularly a fan of OutKast, or of rap and hip-hop music in general. I think that Andre and Big Boi have a great future, if Hollywood can SEE! The sets were also very good. This is one of the best musicals I've ever seen, and one of the best movies of the year. One of the best production numbers is at the very end. In a wall-smashing, guns-blazing fight (in which at least two more men die) Rooster is shot and is only saved because the bullet strikes the Bible in his pocket. As adults, in the 1930s, both men perform their music at a local speakeasy that frequenters call “Church.” But there are no stained glass windows here. Sure on paper the idea of a 1930's hip hop/blue/jazz scene may seem silly, but you'd have to see it to believe it.

Before Spats (Ving Rhames), the owner of Church, selects his successor, both he and his manager are killed by Trumpy (Terrence Howard).