IU (아이유) is currently slaying the charts with her new single “Eight” featuring BTS member Suga. According to an exclusive report from Star News, IU spent 3 days at the funeral home following the news of Sulli’s passing. October 23, IU made a post on her Instagram for the fourth anniversary of “Chat-Shire,” her mini album released in 2015, featuring a drawing from her late friend Sulli. In fact, she’s written multiple songs about Sulli, one of her peers and closest friends.

Insiders have revealed that IU was by Sulli ‘s side at the funeral home for all 3 days following her passing, since the funeral home was set up for Sulli. But the spotlight is on the song’s accompanying music video.

IU has been at the funeral home since it was set up for Sulli. Fans had been coming up with their own theories and speculations ever since the 3-minute and 52-second long clip made its way online. IU has been known to be a great songwriter who draws inspiration from important aspects of her life, including some of her best friends.

Sulli and solo singer IU are incredibly close friends who have had a special connection that dates back to years ago.