It's a fun treat for kids, especially for holidays throughout the year: as a Valentine, an Easter basket treat, a party favor, or a stocking stuffer. Yes, that's right folks, I'm going to show you how to make an edible Jacobs ladder. You also want the two ribbons on one end to be far enough apart that the middle (single) ribbon on the other end can slip between them fairly easily, as well. One serving is five of the miniature Hershey's bars, so that's what I used. Made this today with the kids at our school and they all loved it. This is how I'm gonna hand my works in Typography class:), This is a great instructable! Though you can find store-bought versions of these lots of places, this submission was inspired by a visit to Foxfire in Black Rock Mountain, Georgia. Now cross the ribbons back over the top of the second block, as in the second picture below.Turn the blocks on one edge and hammer the blue ribbons in on the edge you are facing. Then fold the long ribbons over that bar, etc.

It's a fun treat for kids, espe… You can make this longer with six or seven bars, if you prefer. Now take the ribbon ends and fold them over the back of the bar (see picture). For five bars, you'll need 12 ribbon pieces. I am going to call the pair of ribbons at top and bottom 'blue,' since that is what they are in the picture, whereas I'll call the middle one 'red. If you have used 8 blocks with the dimensions I suggested earlier, the layout is 28" long. ... but don't count on it. If I remember, I will post pictures... Lay the bar down on your surface FRONT side DOWN. Take your completed first block and lay out it as in the picture below, with the three ribbons stretched across the same side. Try rounding the edges of your blocks a bit, might help. 9 years ago I usually cut the tape with scissors into smaller or thinner pieces as I need them. The bars just need to be all the same size, shape, and thickness. Put a block of chocolate on the table with the nice side up. You can go back and forth, tilting the bar down and back up over and over again to make it "tumble" (see the video). If you are a hack like me, you won't get these to be perfectly equal lengths. If you tilt the bar down and it still won't work, try turning it around so that you're tilting the bar down on the other "side" of the ladder and try again. I'll show you how to make one with things from around the house, without any special tools. that means at least 18 toys, DIY Interactive Animated Pumpkins - 3D Printed | Raspberry Pi.

This Instructable is for a single-serving size.

S4S means surfaced on four sides.

Luckily, there's another material that's perfect - chocolate! Lastly, make sure the ribbon is taped down close to the end of the bar, and make it secure so the ribbon doesn't slip out too easily. 60 feet of ribbon for a dollar. Check out some of my other projects... © 2020, All Rights Reserved, 6 small blocks of chocolate (I found some Christmas-themed mini-blocks, but I think Kit Kats could work well too). Before you hammer in the second block's ribbons, make sure there is enough loosey-goosey space. 2 years ago. I was having trouble getting the slack even on the ribbons, so I measured out and marked the ribbon first. How did it turn out? So clean on two and rough on the other two.

Yes, that's right folks, I'm going to show you how to make an edible Jacobs ladder. This project is pretty tolerant of such errors, but do your best to make them equal lengths and cut at 90 degrees. Reply 11 years ago 12 years ago Thanks for the great instructions. A Traditional Jacob's Ladder: A traditional wood-and-ribbon children's toy. 7 years ago What could be a better homemade gift for kids than a toy you can eat? Did you make this project?

I promise you it's really easy to make! I haven't seen it on such a small scale yet! Reply They are a neat little toy! I'm going to puzzle my "math class" kids (a group of ten 3-8 yr olds) by asking them to look at a wooden one, play with it, and then construct one using the random materials I've provided (which will include heavy cardboard, staples, and ribbon, though I'll probably throw in some toilet paper tubes, glue sticks, and other random items to distract them). on Introduction. Don't freak out at the number of steps. This is how to make Jacob's Ladder. You'll need some kind of square or rectangular chocolate bars that are individually wrapped. on Introduction, Reply How to make Jacob's Ladder toy from Cardboard || DIY - YouTube However, for a project that, say, a 9-year-old can do with a parent, the following specifications may offer the best combination of workability and aesthetic appeal.

S2S would be surfaced on two sides. I just made two of these for my nephew and niece. When you are done with the last one, trim off the excess ribbon. You need to cut three ribbon lengths that long, or a bit longer to provide some room for error. Two on the left, and one on the right, like in the picture below: Repeat the previous steps until you have 3 blocks of chocolate with green strips of paper, and 2 blocks of chocolate with red strips of paper. Choc Jacobs Ladder Toy Materials Traditionally, these toys are made from wood and ribbon. And fyi. When you play with it, it looks like the blocks move from the top to the bottom, but they actually all just flip over. Do not indulge that impulse here. If you have any comments or suggestions on my instructions, or just want to say hi, then please

Then those ribbon ends will be folded up over the top bar, and taped in place. Remember: keep some slack in each ribbon before you nail it down. Put your next block right on top of the first one once it is laid out like that.

Well documented and great work, Reply I've also used thin strips of colored paper (such as construction paper), but that tends to wear down and break easily, so the toy doesn't last very long. Now you see why we are working with 1/2" board. These instructions are really far more detailed than many people might need for such a simple thing, but if you are like me, detailed instructions save a dozen missteps, so here they are. -- Lori, 9 years ago You want the ribbons to be kept in place by the flat surfaces on the front of the bar (not slipping off the beveled edge), so when you tape them on the BACKS of the bars, be sure they aren't too far to one side or the other. Tilt it back up and watch it work again! I hope you found my Jacobs Ladder toy instructions clear. See the second picture for proper placement. Could work with light weight material, though. You should also have 1 block of chocolate with nothing stuck to it. You do want the nail to have a head, not just a straight brad, and the head should be flat to offer a flush profile. 'To start, hammer the two blue ribbons into one edge of the block as shown in the next picture.

You may also need to use a little tape to keep the wrapper closed on some or all of the bars, especially if the wrappers are a little loose. But I didn't have any blocks of wood lying around, maybe you don't either. Your stack of bars should look something like the picture. There should be three ribbon ends on each side--two short, one long on one end... and two long, one short on the other. on Introduction. Share it with us! Use sandpaper and smooth the ends off. Of course, I've found that many adults like to play with them, too!

I found that 3/4" x 17 'wire nails' did nicely. Yes, but you need to glue to the opposite side of each piece, as shown in my example. The Jacobs Ladder toy is a fun optical illusion and toy. Ribbon - I used curling ribbon because it is cheap and works well.

It should make ... Excel Training Bundle from the new Gadget Hacks Shop and get lifetime access to more than 40 hours of Basic to Advanced instruction on functions, formula, tools, and more. If you have two ribbons on one side and four on the other, it's turned the wrong way; just turn the bar around. General Remarks:First you have to choose what dimensions you would like for your Jacob's Ladder. It should work then. It would be too difficult to keep the nails from going diagonally through the side of the block if we used much thinner board.Flip the board to the other edge, as shown in the third picture below, and hammer the red ribbon into the middle of the edge, so that it folds across the same top of the block that the two blue ribbons do.

Do NOT place the ribbon on the beveled edge, or your toy will not work properly.

Lay the bar, BACK side DOWN, on top of the ribbons you just folded over, so that the bars are back to back with ribbons sticking out between them. Share it with us! Place it on the top of the pile: Then fold over the green strips from the block underneath, and tape them on: Well done on finishing it! I wonder if it would behave as a smaller one does. VERY IMPORTANT You, like me, may have the impulse to overtighten bolts, ribbons, etc. )2) small nails/brads(They have to be small enough not to pose a splitting problem going down the thinnest dimension of the board. Now you will fold the SHORT ribbon ends up over the front of the top bar and tape them in place.