White clothes are used for holy days on and surrounding the Easter season, Christmas season, and other special occasions. [2] The temple was arrayed in gold, so it is no surprise that the New Jerusalem is described as being made of gold (Rev. All resources on this site © Reasons for Hope* Jesus --  click for Republication Permissions or contact hope@reasonsforhopeJesus.com, ©2020 All Rights Reserved. Hebrew hermeneutics has an interpretation approach that includes something called a “remez.”  A remez is a hint of a hidden message or a deeper meaning that is below the surface or behind the words. Cedars represented power and wealth (1 Kgs. Psalm 52:8  But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God: I trust in the mercy of God forever and ever. Adam was created of the dust of the earth– he was earthy, and, In the story of the birth of Esau, it is told that Esau was born “red all over” and so “they called his name Esau” (Gen 25:25), which means red or earthy. It’s used to represent mourning (Job 30:28, 30, Jeremiah 14:2), famine (Lamentations 5:10, Revelation 6:5), judgment of sin (Jude 13), death and the grave (Job 10:21-22), and more. 23:6) or “violet” (Jer. Afterwards, we’ll come back to John’s description of Jesus to show how this information is helpful in interpreting prophecy and apocalyptic literature (e.g., Daniel, Revelation). White is the presence of all the light in the visible spectrum. In some places, red is used for the Dormition Fast (except from the Transfiguration to its afterfeast (August 6–13), when either gold or white is used). 14:4; Num. What’s the CRIMSON (OR SCARLET) WORM? *White is an official color of the church. Remember that Esau became a profane man– a man related not to spiritual things, but to earthly things. Similarly, the United Church of Christ includes indications of which liturgical colour to use for each Sunday in its annual calendar. Numbers and colors are both remezes. The Hebrew word for scarlet has the same root meaning of the Hebrew word for earth.

It does not reflect any light. the recommendation of red for confirmation rites is extended also to ordination rites; Lenten Array (unbleached linen) continues to be listed as an alternative option to purple during Lent; the option exists for using red instead of green during the "Kingdom Season", the four last Sundays of the liturgical year, culminating in, finally, and more significantly, the Church of England provision suggests white throughout the Sundays after, This page was last edited on 22 May 2020, at 15:25. Similarly, Adam was created in light and perfection, in the image of God, with God’s Holy Spirit to lead and guide him. The only exception is during Passion Week when black is used. The Bible tells us that God is light (Psalm 104, 1 John 1:5). He received his Master of Divinity in Theology from Liberty University (with high distinction); his Bachelor of Science in Religious Studies and Philosophy from Gardner-Webb University (with honors); and received certification in Christian Apologetics from Biola University.

Where was that? Forsaking the gold of this world, our desire should always be for the golden riches of  God’s love: 1 John 3:16  By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us….