It also takes a bit of finesse to spoon the broth and cayenne butter around the manti without spilling any onto the yogurt.

( Log Out /  I’m so glad this brought back those memories for you! This will be my first attempt so wish me luck!

She made it using Wonton wrappers many years ago, since about 1985 (she passed in 2004 at age 77). Stay tuned :). Wonton wraps don’t need to bake for 30 minutes. WIth all of my ingredients in hand, I started by rolling ground lamb into tiny balls and putting them on a plate. … Dear Mom Chef,How kind of you for mentioning The Armenian Kitchen on your website! Defrost the meat in the microwave.

Sharon, I hear you loud and clear!

At 8:27 PM, Anonymous said... Wonton wrappers are a clever idea to do it quickly, even if they aren't exactly the same. After rummaging through the freezer shelves, I found a partial package of wonton wraps, and a half pound package of ground lamb.

Easy but labor intensive. I suppose so, Gabriela.

I use my hands to mix it.

I have gone through so many links for the recipe for manti, it seems a bunch of odares are out there cooking !!! I will definitely mark this site as a 'favorite' - Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories of cooking with my Nana out in Los Angeles! I’m so glad to hear you’re spending this time at home doing some cooking and freezing. Nothing wrong with using Wonton Wrappers!! my name is sharon der bedrosian not anonymous. I don't usually cook the meat beforehand though, I just cut the wonton wrapper into quarters and then put a bit of raw meat in each 'canoe'.

Gradually whisk in warm stock to make a smooth sauce.

I was searching and finally found this recipe! yes we make manti the old fashioned way and are making a day of it next week. This would work nicely with the small-sized shells, too, making it look more like the size of manti. The final step was to heat the manti in broth for another 10 or so minutes, and top with a dollop of plain - or garlic-enhanced yogurt. Thank you, Gayane; we appreciate your enthusiasm about our website! The dish looked beautiful in the picture, and the description sounded great. The timer went off, and I went to retrieve the manti from the oven. While the manti are baking, bring the chicken broth to a boil in a large pot over high heat. I plan on making it from scratch this weekend and will post my recipe once I fine tune it. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

She discovered this short cut on her own after making it the hard way for years. It’s beautiful, delicious, and really not that difficult to make. Place in a bowl using a flat spatula (will be wet and soft). They make it so much easier!

Add salt and a bit of pepper if needed. The broth is very simple, just a hint of tomato. Total disaster!

Refrigerate any leftover and heat up the next day. got dolma too mind you I buy those these days way too much labour for my liking. Armenians have manti, little boats, usually stuffed with ground lamb or beef. My sisters and I would join our Mom in the kitchen and we’d all have a hand in creating these little boats. So nice to hear from you, Ani and share that same experience. (With our limited dental plan, I knew Doug and I wouldn't want eat these,  and risk chipping our teeth.).

Hope you love it!
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This made for a fun night of finding “treasure” in our dinner and we were very careful to cut open the boats so that we didn’t chip a tooth or worse.

Make tomato sauce. Thanks so much for sharing that, Lucilla! I use egg roll wrappers and cut them to the size I want! I use a pasta machine to roll out the dough. There's a little surprise there for you.

My Armenian mother called what Spain described as “mock manti” She made both the “regular” manti with her own homemade dough (my sister, my aunt & I were the pinchers) and the mock kind when in a hurry.

Next time I have the ambition to make manti, I'll try the raw meat mixture for the filling....and, will definitely bake it at a lower temp. Manti is one of my favorites that I used to make with my grandma growing up. The method that my grandmother used was to pour the tomato broth directly over the toasted manti as soon as she pulled it out of the oven. Mix all ingredients together until well blended. Arange cut wonton wrappers horizontally on a work surface. So sweet to hear from you, Marisa! Filed Under: Uncategorized Tagged With: Armenian, chicken broth, comfort food, dumpling soup, dumplings, easy manti, garlic, how to make dumplings, how to make manti, manti, non fat plain Greek yogurt, soups, tomato paste, yogurt.

Turkish Manti Dumplings Last autumn I made an Armenian Manti recipe , with a wonton wrapper shortcut, but this Ramadan I wanted to do the Turkish kind, dough and all from scratch. Armenian recipes are as varied as their regions and dialects. The bowl used in the photo above deserves some credit! of all my 54 yrs, of life I have never heard of it, my grandmother would roll in her grave... i make it quit often at home, but am on vacation and family wants some.I have an wonderful cook book I had gotton from the church in fresno,CA same as the one my mother had as a young wife.

Continue until you’ve used all of the meat mixture. Place in a buttered 9 by 13" pan (I use Pyrex or stainless steel pans).

This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. In a pan add some butter, tomato paste and water, let it simmer for a few mins, then add the paprika (at the end!). Taste for seasoning. Caroline, I love that you updated the Choereg recipe……….it looks just like my mom’s. I gotta say, that doesn’t seem to quite work with wonton wrappers. - 1 small onion (finely chopped or grated) optional. So cute your Mantis !Great blogFatiha from Algiers.

Out of the oven, they are golden, crunchy and savory. Not everyone has the time or inclination to make dough from scratch...personally, I find dough-making to be therapeutic.If you can be patient, I promise to post another recipe for manti using homemade dough. I made a couple of changes to this recipe. Will I ever try to make manti again? while watching it more closely. I wouldn't know how it compared to the authentic dough since it was the only Manti I ever had, but it was amazing. After taking a nice break from the kitchen to hang out with my daughters, I took my sheet tray out of the freezer, removed the plastic wrap, and popped the manti in the oven. I am 65 and have made it this way many years. Be the first to rate and review this recipe.

Hi folks, you should check my latest blog.

I love that you shared that memory here, Gertrude! ), I am so happy to hear this recipe brought back memories for you, Michelle! Meanwhile, I formed a nice-looking circle of yogurt on two plates, and tried to guess how round they should be to accomodate about 12 manti per person.
You can mix the minced garlic into the yogurt if desired. Bring edges together and seal, pinching ends with a slight twist.