Their situation was so dire that they began drinking seawater, a sure sign that death is near. Just little looks here and there and taking care of each other. When he wakes up, he has amnesia, and because of his idol training has some understanding of Chinese, and eventually comes to believe that he is partially Chinese, and has no memory of the plane crash or ANYTHING.

i noticed that too, thought it was just a towel or whatsoever but i repeated it like five times just to make sure it is like a human built but hey every single details in this story is not a joke or something to be shrug off. Talking about Ji Ah. Because facing everything together is set by this episode and we know how much Tae Ho can play. What’s great about this show is how it doles out information in such an interesting way. To survive, Harwood crawled for about two days from where she was injured to a creek where she could scoop water into a bottle with a filter inside. However, Callahan didn't even stay the night, opting instead to recuperate on the island, and while hitchhiking throughout the West Indies. Chairwoman Jo reaches the point in her statement where she confirms that So-hee’s death was ruled a murder, and in the back of the room, prosecutor Tae-young awaits the naming of his sister’s murderer. But he needed the emergency supplies in the cabin, which was already underwater.

and brought to where she was found while trying to leave the island with the others.

The only one who got away was Tae ho.

When i watched ep 5 i kept thinking, this group of people are so dispersed without Joon-oh. or

But just as Chairwoman Jo is about to reveal Bong-hee’s confession under hypnosis, Investigator Oh interrupts to tell her that they’ve found another survivor. The two other crew members on the trip were Mark Adams and Brad Cavanagh. Out in the rain, Joon-oh sees something that makes him freeze. Whoa, neat detail!

You can find similar links by googling "Jimmy Carter banzai bunny", etc. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. They should have used a professional stunt double for Actor Crane of Doom, who was obviously not yet ready for his debut. Also, does anyone notice that everytime Joon-oh went looking for Bong-hee, he brought some kind of light (the torch, lamp). I wasn't a fan of Choi Tae joon. In her mind, she still couldn't color in the details, and that the flashbacks were for us viewers (not necessarily what BH remembered) but with the sepia tone to show us how much she (doesn't) remember. He says that even if they lose the boat and end up stuck here forever, people are the most important thing. Now that we know that Bong Hee has recovered all of her memories, the 'first' (well second) thing she does is continue with the narration instead of going to the investigator or the people documenting her and saying 'Here's where the rest of the survivors are most likely , let's go find them'. It looks as though he didn’t die right away, and Joon-oh stayed with him until he finally passed. It frustrates me that everyone seems to be so weak and intimidated by Tae ho, even that big guy...I loved your killer bunny vid....LOLOL. Hmm Joon Oh is stepping up and that needs to happen especially now things are changing fast.

That little detail made him look the part of a serial killer for sure. She takes the stage and gives the reporters a short rundown on everything that’s happened so far.
Did this drama curse itself?)

He softly tells her not to put others before herself, and to stop going in the water alone to look for food.

They all go looking for him, and Joon-oh slips into a mud puddle and lies there, exhausted and despondent. Bong-hee tells him that she thinks Ji-ah didn’t really mean it about dating him, and Ki-joon blusters that of course, he didn’t mean it either. He continued surviving off rainwater and sea animals, and kept track of the time by the phases of the moon.

He still had his flares, and all he had to do was wait for a ship to come close. i don't want to think about it but after realizing about the rabbits, ohmy. Do nothing

So in the end it is the good vs the evil as usual. Kiley recalls wind speeds over 70 knots, and 40-foot waves so powerful they ripped holes in the boat. Tae Ho use it to blackmail him; I'll cover your crime and you'll cover mine. Assuming that he's still alive but unconscious, he would still die because the water will eventually fill his lungs.
I needed the food Tae Ho's next excuse - So hee asked for it. At least he hasn't (yet) been bumped down to toycrane :). i would like to think its a screw-up.. but with that clothing 0.O? All the characters seem to fit perfectly to the role. Her bleeding attracted sharks, who followed the lifeboat for the remainder of the journey. You can do that, right?” Bong-hee nods, and they start back towards the beach. Orange - Yeol Lmao. At the end of episode 5, I thought that Yeol's death was also a fake out and that he'd end up washed up on the same outcropping of rocks as Bonghee and Sohee, but when they panned out, he was floating to the opposite direction, so I knew that his death wasn't a fake out. Joon-oh then goes out searching for Tae-ho and Yeol day after day, unaware that he comes close to Tae-ho’s hiding place several times, but Tae-ho always manages to stay out of sight. Reminded me of YFAS. most people expected tae ho to be alive but i still found myself gasping in shock & horror. I don't think his change is sudden too. “Her voice was strong. A storm hit, and Poon lost all his food and water. I wish people in the present will choose Bonghee over Taeho. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, The Best Outdoor Gifts for Every Type of Adventure, LifeStraw’s Water Filter is 50% off for Prime Day, 8 Great Binoculars for Getting a Closer Look, Stay Connected with the Best Satellite Messengers, 47 Well-Designed Gifts for Cycling Enthusiasts. Having spent more than a month adrift at sea, the three boys had no food and no water, and were suffering from extreme exposure.