I love this drama and I am addicted!

The 70's episodes were magical in every way. Love this Drama so muchhhhhhhhhhh.........♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ The best ever.. Sarangbi !!! But I don't remember the reason why though lol. Yoona is okay as a singer but she really has not acting skills. , Winry Rockbell, 6 Comments, July 11, 2018 I like the story so much. hope the female-lead is Sandara Park (2NE1), anisasma@hotmail.com Oct 01 2011 5:03 am really like it !!

Mjaay May 09 2012 11:13 am maery Apr 07 2012 10:56 am La La Jul 25 2012 7:07 am I really love it  :)))) =)) =]] :*. SHOULD be Park Shin Hye unnie!!!!!!! saranghae sukkie! emcee Feb 21 2014 7:10 am it's different with other classic k-drama story, which is always about the rich and the poor relationship.

However, i this is the second drama that makes me so excited and nakakakilig tlga! I'm so happy that there's such a drama. ! ulalala Feb 12 2013 7:42 am Jang Geun Suk fighting... don't mind the haters!

<3 rain. Words can't explain how happy I am when I've seen this!! David Thang May 23 2012 1:17 pm two thumps up, even four!!

I am not even sure if I am going to watch 15th episode. you did a great job!! Can't get out and don't wanna get out of the 70's picture! August 13, 2018 unpredictable, so excited! you should be in better dramas!!!

can't wait for this drama, JGS luv u so much, I think JGS n Yoona will be a good couple ke..ke..ke ^(@)^. I understand the fashion photographer should be fashionable...but i swear i saw a giant vagina shape at the back of his blazer in episode 16!!! The first day's shooting took place at Keimyung University in Daegu, South Korea.

LOVE RAIN the best drama ever!!!! Unforgettable drama I ever watched. !..GOOD JOB YOONA!!!! YEAHYEAHYEAH! anyeeM229 Sep 23 2011 8:53 pm im sure this will be as huge as u r handsome.

I CAN NEVER STOP LOVING THIS DRAMA❤. so i wish the best for the drama. Though, i admit that it lacks great ending.

!....AND YOONA ACTING IS VERY GOOD!....SHE IS A GOOD ACTRESS!.. Athira Vinayan Dec 21 2017 11:40 am Love Rain will surely win MILLIONS of AWARDS!!! hahaha... =). as far as i see this drama is huge hit.who cares about the stupid rating? I've been thinking, what will I do if I'm in the situation of Joon and Ha na?

Yoona is so beautiful and cute, no wonder many girls in the world are envious of her, i love this drama :), wishywashycuteness May 17 2012 6:54 am I wonder why it such a flop in korea?

why this wondreful, great drama got a low ratings in korea?