Intent on a career in acting, Sarah trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Rebecca Cairns (nee Coates) was a character in Emmerdale from 1997 to 1998. Emma was played by Rebecca … Finding out that her 13-year-old daughter had become a mother was also a storyline that would have presented Sarah with more of a dilemma than it did her character.

She used to drink at The Old... Becky Cairns | Emmerdale Past & Present Wiki | Fandom. When Mandy pointed out that Charlie's actions could have resulted in Geri's death, Charlie realised she had to get away, and left the village for Gibraltar.

Meanwhile, Emma found herself struggling to settle back into school and she was bullied by fellow pupil,Lyn Hutchinson, until Will scared her off.

Despite Tony and Becky insisting that they could manage, Emma shocked her family by announcing that she wanted Geri to be put up for adoption. Rebecca "Becky" Cairns is a fictional character on the ITV soap opera Emmerdale. Becky had a lesbian fling with vet Zoe Tate. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I really hope that I would have had a close relationship with her and noticed sooner. Many television and stage productions followed. He moved into Home Farm with his mother, grandfather Lawrence and his mother's fiancé Robert Sugden in November 2014.. Lachlan was responsible for sexually assaulting Alicia Metcalfe and accidentally shooting his grandfather. Although Geri was quickly found by Zak Dingle, and Alice eventually turned up the following day, social services got involved, and arrived at the Cairns's to discuss Emma's ability to care for Geri. Wikis. Sarah's background was a preparation for her career as an actress. Played by Sarah Neville (128 episodes 27 February 1997 - April 1998) The following taken from :-25 Yeas of Emmerdale (1997) repubublsihed as "The Emmerdale Companion" (1998) by Anthony Hayward . Lachlan White is the son of Chrissie White and Donny Cairn.. And I couldn't have coped with my daughter having a baby at that age. 'I'm more selfish,' says Sarah, who has a young daughter, Emily, with her actor partner, Michael Lumsden. 'I would have found it difficult to marry and be simply a wife and a mother. Children Charlie Cairns (1979), Will Cairns (1980), Emma Cairns (1984). Rebecca Cairns (nee Coates) was a character in Emmerdale from 1997 to 1998. 'Fortunately, Emily is very keen on her dad and we have an au au pair.

As for researching Becky's love of pottery, Sarah could draw on her own experience asa child. 'I can't say they encouraged me, but they didn't actively discourage me,' she recalls. Rebecca Coates was born in Beckindale in the 1950s. Charlie was furious about the revelation, but agreed not to tell Tony and Becky, however, the animosity between Charlie and Emma did not go unnoticed. She met and married Tony Cairns and moved away from the area. She also appeared in the controversial televisionseries The Buddha of Suburbia. as "The Emmerdale Companion" (1998) by Anthony Hayward, The sacrifice that Becky Cairns made as an Army wife, bringing up three children while husband Tony disappeared for months at a time, is not something that would come naturally to Sarah Neville, the actress who plays Becky. Games Movies TV Video. When she approached her school exams, she gave up her sessions there. Sarah's other love was music and she gained a scholarship to the Royal College of Music, where she trained as a violinist, pianist and singer on Saturday mornings. Joining Emmerdale also proved difficult for Sarah as a mother herself. Attentions soon shifted to Charlie's upcoming 18th birthday and Tony, Becky and Charlie's friend, Mandy Dingle, arranged a party, with Mandy even inviting Charlie's on-off boyfriend, Greg Cox. Charlie particularly struggled around baby Geri, and things came to a head when Becky left Geri in Charlie's care whilst she and Emma went to check on work being carried out at the new farm. Tony was chomping at the bit and Becky had to hold him back a bit. Will Cairns, son of Anthony and Rebecca Cairns. The Cairns family consisting of Becky Cairns, her husband, Tony and their children, Charlie, Will and Emma, moved to Emmerdale in February 1997, initially living at the Holiday Village. Wife of Tony, mother of Will, Emma and Charlie. 'I did pottery at school,' she says, 'I just had to reacquaint myself with it before going in front of the cameras.

Rebecca "Becky" Cairns arrived in Emmerdale, where she grew up when she was young, in February 1997 with her family. She used to drink at The Old Woolpack until it moved premises in 1976. The family soon faced more drama when Emma allowed 6 year old Neighbour, Alice Bates, to take Geri for a walk, resulting in Alice being abducted by her Father's former girlfriend, Karen Johnson, and Geri being left in an shed. She acted Celia in a West End producti on of The Philanthropist and, on television, played Baader-Meinhof terrorist in The Professionals, a nurse in the epic series The Jewel in the Crown, Molly Sorrell in Sorrell and Son, Carol Chapman in Bust, a career woman in Capital City and Labour MP in the parliamentary serial Annie's Bar.

Tony was a soldier. 1 Biography 2 Backstory 3 1997-1999 4 Memorable info 5 Family 6 See also Rebecca Coates was born in Beckindale in the 1950s. Rebecca ("Becky") Cairns. Emmerdale Past & Present Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Whilst Becky and Charlie proved to be supportive of Emma's decision, believing that it was only right that Geri should remain with the family, Tony was completely against the idea, and insisted that he would move out if Geri came home.

'I wasn't entirely thrilled myself about the baby storyline. Wife of Tony, mother of Will, Emma and Charlie. Luckily, Mandy realised what Charlie had done and went to the house before any harm was done. Dean Adlington also defended Emma against Lyn's taunts, however, his true colours were revealed when he attempted to force himself on Emma, leading to Tony attacking him. 'I'm away from my home in London a lot and, although Michael and my daughter have come up and stayed, it's difficult,' she says. (128 episodes 27 February 1997 - April 1998), The following taken from :-25 Yeas of Emmerdale (1997) repubublsihed

Charlie became overwhelmed when Geri wouldn't stop crying and placed her on the kitchen table before leaving the house. She was played by Sarah Neville.

The Cairns family lived in Emmerdale between 1997 and 1999. 'Something had to go,' she says, 'and, very stupidly, I let it slide.' She's the more balanced thinking one. Emma became a teenage mother in 1997 to baby Geri Cairns, named after Spice Girl Geri Halliwell.

She was the wife of Tony Cairns. I was suddenly fearful that she would get stuck with the baby. Emma Cairns was a character in Emmerdale from 1997 to Episode 2407 (26th August 1998). After her affair with Zoe was exposed, Becky left with her husband Tony for Germany in April 1998 in an attempt to patch up her marriage. Dean's Father, Ken Adlington, went to the police and threatened to press charges, although he was eventually persuaded to back down. The family later moved into Annie's Cottage. Once the party was over, Greg and Charlie headed back to Annie's Cottage and when everyone was in bed, Greg confronted Emma over Geri. Then came the role of Becky Cairns in Emmerdale. Having heard voices downstairs, Charlie snuck down, and was horrified to realise that Greg was Geri's Father. The sacrifice that Becky Cairns made as an Army wife, bringing up three children while husband Tony … Charlie Cairns. 'Becky was returning home to have a quiet life,' says Sarah. She made her television debut as a social worker in the lTV: series Kids, about children in care. But I find it hard and she finds it hard.'
Whilst Charlie was delighted to see Greg, it was clear that Emma was uncomfortable with his presence and she made her excuses to leave the party early. Her father, Oliver Neville, was a director and, recently, principal of RADA, and her stepmother is actress Pat Heywood. Geri Cairns , biological daughter of Emma Cairns and Greg Cox .

Emma Cairns , daughter of Anthony and Rebecca Cairns. Emma Cairns. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.
However, the Sugden's had failed to mention that the farm was currently uninhabitable, and the repairs looked set to set the Cairn's back 1000s of pounds. Actress History: Sarah Neville (02/1997-04/1998) Rebecca "Becky" Cairns is a fictional character on the ITV soap opera Emmerdale… But, if it happened, I think I would have handled it differently and probably sided with Tony's viewpoint, that at 13 you aren't fit to cope with having a baby and it should be adopted.' Tony was interested when he heard that Jack Sugden was looking for a buyer for Woodside Farm and put in an offer. She was the youngest child of Tony Cairns and Becky Cairns. With a new member of the family around, Tony realised they would need somewhere more suitable to live. BECKY CAIRNS .

She was the wife of Tony Cairns. As Emma left with Geri, Greg spotted the baby, and questioned Charlie about who she was, initially assuming that she was Tony and Becky's. ', Storylines, Episode Guides, Cast and Characters. She has a humour, an intelligence and a wit that I hope will be explored further.' She was played by Sarah Neville. However, he eventually came round, and there was relief all round when social services agreed that Emma could keep Geri. With the support of Linda Fowler, Emma was reunited with her baby, who she named Geri, and decided she wanted to keep her.