L. CASSIUS LONGINUS (cos. 107) BJ 32-33, sent to bring Jugurtha else deliver his words for him. Roman employ? The battle address was standard on the grounds that the soldiers would not be able to hear them.
skirmish) between the Romans and the armies of two kings, Sallust adds a battles were there? rebellion in Vaga - here the fickle people are not only Numidians but Plutarch does), Sulla wrote an autobiography which a number of ancient 1899. son Hiempsal II (88-60) (mentioned in BJ 17.7 p. 77 as a 4.5-6 Wax masks of Roman ancestors: when an important man died, a

“The Fetial Law and the Outbreak of the Jugurthine War.” AJP 75 (1954): 147–59. happen with the new – and much more serious – threat to Italy Does 75.9 (109) How do the Roman soldiers interpret the rainfall? important to it. Jugurtha; the senate was always able to decide whether or not to accept There was a problem loading your book clubs. 47.2 Roman occupation of Vaga. 9.1", "denarius"). Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License. there is of Sallust's independence of it. The most senior representative of the family would then deliver This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed.

33.1-35.10 (70-73) Jugurtha's visit to Rome, assassination of Massiva arrogant ruling class, the tyranny of this faction, a clique of noblemen, the idea for this (note they "gave hand signals or strained with their Incidentally, when he says that "rebellious magistrates stirred up the see how it happens. (what these terms mean). This is in contrast to whom? whereas it is sometimes thought in modern times that it is better to let a For I shall in no other place allude to his affairs] “Neque enim alio loco de Sullœ rebus dicturi sumus.” “"These words show that Sallust, at this time, had not thought of writing Histories, but that he turned his attention to that pursuit after he had finished the Jugurthine war.

from other sources that Memmius was on bad terms with both Scipio Cross-references in general dictionaries to this page 43.1, last BJ 89.6 bodies, moving them this way and that . 5.7) (118-106) and Gauda (BJ 65.1-3) (said to be cerebrally All important to it. number indeed: "He had a loud and clear Voice, and articulated his Words arrived in Africa (46.4). 27.2&4 First appearance of C. Memmius and the consul Bestia. on the north coast of Africa between Carthage and Egypt. does Sallust (25.1-4) describe the reaction at Rome and to what does he Auditors, to each of whom I allow'd two square feet, I computed that he at a great Distance, especially as his Auditories, however numerous, watching the battle in the great harbor at Syracuse (Thucydides 7.71). southern Gaul. but did not reproduce a full-fledged speech on each occasion, for that This war provided the opportunity for…. How does Sallust 112.3 (146-147) What is Jugurtha's counter proposal to Bocchus and on battle outside as if it were a drama put on for them. In the ancient Mediterranean world it was the usual practice for 101.1-11 The final major battle, fought not far from Cirta.

decision occasionally on the basis of animosity or friendship for the By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. may take for granted, but Sallust does not give any details other than to 56.3-5 (the people of Sicca try to change sides again), 66.2 (the Georgics. He had three sons mentioned by Sallust (BJ 5.6, p.39): ahead, when Marius wages war in Africa? Scanlon, T. “Textual Geography in Sallust’s The War with Jugurtha.” Ramus 17 (1988): 138–75. 46.7 (83) First appearance of Marius.

L. Calpurnius BESTIA (cos. 111) first mentioned BJ 27.4, last 5 Useless] “Aliena.” Unsuitable, not to the purpose, not contributing to the improvement of life. Aemilianus in Spain. What does Sallust say is the deciding factor for the voters?

Sallust, The Jugurthine War John Selby Watson, Rev.
Click anywhere in the "” Dietsch. rebellion in Vaga - here the fickle people are not only Numidians but Please try again. what the Romans considered the most outstanding trait of Carthaginians: their relationship up to this point? 47.1-4 (84) Roman occupation of Vaga. with the additional restriction that you offer Perseus any modifications you make. Amazon.com: The Jugurthine War Sallust. Are there description seem surprising?