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However, his handsome small face and endearing smile totally give away the rookie-in-military-training-camp vibe. Suho, who was assigned to the second platoon, can be seen sitting and smiling towards the camera below.Suho officially enlisted for his mandatory military service on May 14. We all are aware of how Suho became a very important part of EXO and its fans for he was always a thread of connection towards us and the members.". Photos from the training centers of Suho and Sungjae were released on May 19 garnering attention from netizens. 1-9 Cav. A follower also wrote, "Knowing that our Guardian, Suho will enlist today just hurts most of the EXO-Ls and of course EXO itself. CNBLUE's Yonghwa writes letter to fans after renewing contract with FNC Entertainment, Fromis_9 steals fan hearts in Suit x Pajamas choreography version of "Feel Good", Dahye (formerly of BESTie) covers her eyes in 'Bad Blood' teaser image. Suho also left a handwritten letter before enlisting. Meanwhile, Kim Jun Myeon’s training center photo was also unveiled. Now that the day has finally come, fans have expressed their varied sentiments on social media and most of them are sad that it would take a long time for them to see him active as a K-pop idol, especially as EXO's leader. EXO-Ls are heartbroken as of the moment, as Suho of EXO is enlisting in the military as a mandatory service for being a male citizen of South Korea. Each month we count on your subscriptions or contributions. Two ways to do that are to like us on. He also expressed his appreciation and love towards his fans on his Vlive streaming after the success of his album launch. EXO’s Suho has quietly enlisted in the military. This Is What We Know, The KPop World in 2020: Idols That We Look Forward To the Next Year, Top 10 Things You Should Get A K-pop Fan For The Holidays, TWICE's Producer Unveils Why Nayeon Always Sings the First Lines, K-Netizens Accuse Red Velvet Yeri of Imitating BLACKPINK Jennie, K-Netz Point Out Red Velvet Yeri's Problematic Past Actions In Light of Irene's Attitude Controversy, Several K-Pop Groups Submit Nominations for The 2021 Grammy Awards, Editor Exposes Celebrity’s True Personality + K-Netz Post Speculations, Netizens Are Divided Over IZ*ONE's New Vogue Pictorial, BLACKPINK Rosé Reveals She Never Forced a Specific Vocal Tone, BLACKPINK Jennie Poses As Chanel’s Muse for W Korea, EXO Sehun Chosen As The New Face of Dior Men. EXO saranghaja (let's love)," he penned on his Lysn social media account. Here's Why ITZY Lia is NOT a Lazy Dancer Like What Haters Claim, Do You Know Why Dating Is Complicated In K-pop World? He said, “I think our fans would really miss it. And according to one of his co-trainee, Suho is the leader of their platon. As announced earlier, today is the official military enlistment date of EXO's leader, Suho.

The picture released showed Suho in his military clothes with a … Posted: 05/01/2018. All rights Reserved. If you miss Suho, check out his MV for “Let’s Love” from his first solo mini album “Self-Portrait” here. StrategyWorld.com 1998 - 2018 StrategyWorld.com. I will miss him so much! Wearing military uniform with matching beret, Sungjae smiles widely. In the released photo, Suho smiles warmly as he poses in a training uniform next to his fellow soldiers. Before leaving for the military training center, Suho posted a photo of EXO’s official stick on his personal Instagram account. You can support us in the following ways: Make sure you spread the word about us. Also Read | EXO's Lead Singer Suho Announces His Military Enlistment Date In A Post; Check It Out Also Read | BTS' Suga And IU Set To Release Their Upcoming Single Digitally Suho gets an EXO-special send-off The pictures shared by the EXO team shows the band members Chanyeol, Chen, Kai, Baekhyun, and Sehun posting for the camera as they are carrying out the send-off traditions for Suho. On May 19, Nonsan Army Training Center released photos of the recently recruited soldiers on its website. Archives. Thank you and I love you.”.

Before his enlistment on May 11, Sungjae penned a letter to fans.Thankful for the love and support, he wished for a healthy and happy days for them until he comes back. On May 14, Suho enlisted at the Nonsan Army Training Center in South Chungcheong Province. [CDATA[*/Insticator.ad.loadAd("div-insticator-ad-1");Insticator.ad.loadAd("div-insticator-ad-2");Insticator.load("em",{id : "b4b6b61a-e43a-46e0-a04e-f172e6aded28"});/*]]>*/. He's the third EXO member to enlist following Xiumin and D.O, and he'll be serving as a public service worker after his basic training.In other news, Suho made his solo debut this past March with "Let's Love". WE ARE ONE. "Hello, to our EXO-Ls, This is Suho. Yook Sung Jae has finished filming the drama Mystic Pop-up Bar which will be aired on May 20 via jTBC. 1-9 Cav. StrategyWorld.com, StrategyPage.com, FYEO, For Your Eyes Only and Al Nofi's CIC are all trademarks of StrategyWorld.com.