Denver, the state's capital, legitimately earns its nickname of "Mile High City" standing at an elevation of 5,280 feet high. 11. The National Natural Landmark offers beautiful rock formations and other archeological wonders. Elbert, located at 14,433 feet above sea level. The Flatirons are located in Boulder and have a rich climbing history. Colorado is a beer-lover's happy place. Florida state legislators did not adopt the state's slogan until 1970. Breathtaking views are guaranteed, whether the mountains are blanketed in snow or lush green trees. 12. How about white water rafting? Man built the road. Both in-state residents and visitors (over 21-years-old) can shop at the dispensaries, though Coloradans can purchase more product than tourists. Before that, New Mexico was called the Sunshine State. They go on, however, to state that Colorado only has 30-40 overcast days per year, leaving at least 300 days of partial sunshine. Warning: Rocky Mountain Oysters are not actually oysters. Turns out “sunshine” is subjective.

You can rock out surrounded by rocks at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Tickets start as low as $4, so it's a great deal. (3) For purposes of this section, "state official or employee" means an individual who is compensated by a state of Colorado warrant and receives state of Colorado employee benefits except a lobbyist hired on a contract basis if he is currently registered under sections 24-6-302 and 24-6-303 or a lobbyist who registers as a professional lobbyist pursuant to sections 24-6-302 and 24-6-303. Because regardless of your feelings on legalized pot, Colorado will leave you feeling absolutely magical. The state is an adrenaline junkie's paradise. And these shops don't just sell weed... they sell marijuana-infused edibles, oils, beverages and more.

The home of the Colorado Rockies is consistently ranked as one of the top ballparks in the country. Keep in mind, you can only smoke in private, buy from licensed dispensaries and cannot bring marijuana products out of the state. The Beach State Colorado: Buffalo Plains State (no longer used) Centennial State (previously used on license plates. At these elevations, the sun is stronger. Want some thrills? As far as U.S. natural wonders go, this is a must see. ), "meeting" refers to any kind of gathering, convened to discuss public business, whether in There's always another trail to hike or mountain to climb... could you ever be bored? Because with "300 days of sunshine," Colorado is one of the sunniest places in America. And, if you haven't figured it out yet, Colorado is paradise for the outdoorsy type. Well, Tampa came in at number 43, from this particular dataset, with a 67 percent annual average of mostly to partly sunny days. It was New Mexico that first held the title. Denver is mecca for all things delicious, fun and cheap. Beer is cheap, ice cream is in abundance and the cost of living won't leave you totally broke. State of Adventure (On highway welcome signs), 808 State (colloquial, refers to the state's, America's Heartland (previously used on Licence Plates), Midway USA (previously used on Kansas Licence Plates), The Dark and Bloody Ground State (an allusion to battles between the, Sportsman's Paradise (currently used on license plates), The People's Republic of Massachusetts (colloquial), Water Wonderland and Water-Winter Wonderland (previously used on license plates), The Birthplace of America's Music (currently being used on, The Good Life (as seen on state border signs), Battle Born State (refers to the fact that Nevada joined the Union during the, The Live Free or Die State (official motto; "Live Free or Die" currently used on license plates), Land of Sunshine (predates "Land of Enchantment"; this earlier nickname highlighted the large percentage of sunshine received statewide), Borinquen (name given by indigenous people, the, Butternut State (refers to the tan color of the uniforms worn by Tennessee soldiers in the, This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 03:58. Colorado consistently ranks among the best craft brew states in America.

Florida was not always referred to as the Sunshine State Cities in Arizona, California, Colorado, and New Mexico see more sun South Florida sees the most sunshine throughout the year 6. And Boulder is a haven for crunchy types with no shortage of activity, and awesome proximity to nature, of course. And who doesn't love a sunny day?