This happy family is disturbed when dad gets an accident at work. His childhood passes in limitations. Chrisye life journey, after finding interest and talent in music, it does not make Christophe become a quiet person throughout his life. Their first mission, to crippled the the dutch army's airfield construction. This happy family is disturbed when dad gets an accident at work.

Soen does not understand what is going with his son. Mayang who chooses not to give up begins to be considered crazy by some people in the hospital, including her own husband. While Cemara or Ara, who is still small, seems to remain eager to live life. His friends hire someone to help him overcome his lack of experience. The court's decision left Abah's family threatened to live forever in the small house in a state of poverty. And the last is Dian, the youngest, beloved of all family members, has been engaged to Hassan, a member of Parliament who is young, hungry and has a lot of connections to government officials. He became famous after starring in the films 9 Naga and Mendadak Dangdut in 2006. Her husband wishes to enjoy the Lasagna with Mirna for the very last time. "Kita versus Korupsi" is an Omnibus about fighting corruption in our daily life: in workplace, in our family, in school. He became famous after starring in the films 9 Naga and Mendadak Dangdut in 2006. Who is she? Naga, masseur, asks doctor Sangkakala to damage his eardrums so that he no longer hears painful voices.

Governments are faced with a difficult situation as community leaders and representatives of mass organizations directly ask Soeharto to resign. His love of Rock music which persisted until the time he became a great leader of Indonesia future, as was able to motivate the spirit of life. What has he done to deserve this? Why is she doing this? Three beautiful and popular girls, Marion, Alya, and Aline, come face-to-face with the results of their bullying and bad behaviour in the afterlife.

Mili who like drawing always follow wherever his brother go. Wisnu has to witness the brutal slaughter of his family and soon thereafter an evil spirit starts haunting him.

But when Mirna came with the Lasagna, Rudi chooses not to eat it. Dr. Vera who helped her give birth, provides evidence: the document of her baby's death with several photographs of the incident. The house is his childhood home, a legacy from his father. He starred in Negeri Tanpa Telinga with Lukman Sardi in 2014., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 June 2020, at 12:34. The is confused to find the to pay for treatment of her husband. See full bio » Pressure from superiors: Bagus must prioritize his tasks and not to overthink small events. After the successful raid on Dutch Army's Supply Convoy, Amir, Thomas, Dayan, and Marius immediately found the General Soedirman's Headquarter deep in the forest. Daisy is disturbed by Mala's presence, while Ronald is happy. The story of family struggles and sacrifices through the May 1998 tragedy. As a result, he graduates from the high school in the same year with his brother Tjie Ong Kwee (Dion Wiyoko). Moreover, she feels to be followed by a spirit.

The third and final film in the award-winning box office hit RED AND WHITE trilogy set during the 1947-48 Indonesian revolution, as a band of guerrillas fights for Indonesia's freedom on land, sea and air against the Dutch empire.
Love story with Iriana, a simple girl, His sister school friend became encouragement's future leader to face various challenges. Initially, they planned to stay temporarily during the trial of his brother's debt case. Yan (55) is an honest government official. Mala always deals with Tembang Lingsir, a song taught by her mother from her childhood. The party chairman, Ustad Etawa, in cooperation with the importer of sheep meat, tries to manipulate the state money to benefit his party. The Cemara family is an adaptation of a television series with the same title by Arswendo Atmowiloto. Childhood are far from sufficient. Teuku Rifnu Wikana (born in Pematangsiantar, North Sumatera; August 3, 1980) is an Indonesian actor of Acehnese descent. Whatever the cost, whatever the risk. The is confused to find the to pay for treatment of her husband. Satria certainly be the golden boy of the family. Manga creator Tsukasa Hojo's debut live-action film.

Approaching Rudi's execution (Mir na's Husband), Mirna was asked to come to the prison with a Lasagna. Mala feels that there is a big secret in this house that make all the terror appear. Money change all: the family’s values begin to collapse and reveal the falsity around them. Second Lieutenant Bagus is indecisive in facing extraordinary circumstances.

He teaches in a Chinese school named Nan Hua. At a Bandung high school, charming and rebellious Dilan vies for the affections of shy new student Milea. Since then he is never out of the hard work. Artha get a news about her brother missing in Pontianak, West Borneo. Orphaned by a tragedy that took the lives of her parents, Srintil grows up in a poor Indonesian village aspiring to be a sacred dancer. The movie starts with the tough lives of the aforementioned characters in a military school, showing friendship and even competition among them. He does not know where he is or why he is there. Finally in 1959 they are married. Mbok Rahma accuses Mala of causing all this chaos. She steales from her …

Combining action, drama, humor, romance, human tragedy and strong personal stories, the movie is aimed at inspiring the new generation with the spirit of the generations before them who fought and sacrificed themselves for the freedoms Indonesia enjoys today. Piton’s great ambition is to be president.

Juno was just a child when his father abandoned him from their village in Central Java. Increasingly undertaken, they are increasingly aware that the job does not promise a better future.

Unexpectedly encounter them develop into true friendship and deep spiritual relationship until they become trio together with Mili. Unfortunately, they lost in court. Salma is trapped in the riots and declared missing. Both of them are experiencing tremendous depression. She steales from her workplace. (Jefan Nathanio) has parents who doted on him.