And shake my head till there’s no more life in me The last was Lauren Bacall, who passed away in 2014., I think you’d have to go back to @RealKurtAngle or @TheRock to find someone who improved as much, as quickly on the…, Since I’ve already alienated many of my fans by speaking out about the election, I may as well lose the rest of you… But you’re still a long way from home.”, I can’t help but feel that Ray is writing about himself here, wishing he could trade in the trappings of stardom for a long overdue return to the village green. Feel free to leave feedback on some of your favorite songs; the tunes you agree with, and the ones you think I overlooked. A few weeks after completing my initial list of my favorite Kinks songs, my son Mickey, 19, a self-taught drummer and guitarist on the autism spectrum, recorded instrumental cover versions of every song on the Nirvana “Bleach” album for his YouTube channel.

Ok, This is actually quite difficult. The list of top singles for Herman’s Hermits come from the charts. Nirvana and MCR made them scary, then Gwen, Avril and Madonna put on the pom poms. "I Can See Clearly Now" by Johnny Nash was the first reggae song to hit #1 in America on the Hot 100. Of course I binged on television – first it was classic westerns, then romantic comedies, and now, with it being Christmas in July, spending way too much time on the Hallmark channel. Instead, 1965’s “Till the End of the Day” was the last song of that particular vein for the band for years to come. Here comes Flash 4. Now you think you’re wiser because you’re older. All the wars that were won and lost Meghan Trainor and her producer Kevin Kadish originally wrote "All About That Bass" for another artist to record. It is widely considered to be one of the band greatest songs and remains a mainstay on Dave’s solo tours. I really love this live version from the early 1970’s, as you can get a good feel for the Dave Davies backing vocals and harmonies that were the secret ingredient on many a classic Kinks track. The Kinks top songs include All Day and All of the Night, You Really Got Me, Sunny Afternoon. Just gorgeous. Won’t be as bitter as the ones behind you. Forget what happened yesterday, Features Best Motown Songs: 50 Essential Tracks To Get You Dancing In The Street. And somehow happiness will find you. It has all the Kinks hits I remember as a youth (except "Come Dancing") but know that half the album's 25 tracks consist of songs that I don't know and I don't really care for (hence the 4 stars rating). Chart appearances and counts span from 1900-2016 only. Over the years, I have bequeathed most of my vinyl collection to friends – with NXT announcer Alicia Taylor, and the one and only Jewel being the primary recipients of most of the vintage Foley vinyl – but I held onto all of my Kinks albums: 34 of them, counting Dave Davies solo albums.