Nice, little independent movies with nice little stories. Als sein Onkel Al (Seymour Cassel, „Coogan´s großer Bluff“, „Ein unmoralisches Angebot“) stirbt, ergibt sich für Tommy eine neue Option: Als Fahrer von Als Eiswagen bekommt er eine neue Chance. Buscemi not only captures loneliness throughout the film, but also that shitty sad feeling you get when you realize this feeling MIGHT last for ever. | Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox!

Variety Overall, it's a strong, finely acted, indie drama, with some interesting things to say. Coming Soon. View production, box office, & company info, Goldfinch Strikes First Look Deal With ‘Football Ramble’ Podcast Firm Stakhanov, First IP To Be Missing Bookie Story, ‘Wife of a Spy’ Review: Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Wartime Espionage Yarn is Elegant and Absorbing, My streaming gem: why you should watch Animal Factory. Auch solche Filme (und Orte - es wird geraucht! This is a story that is hard to tell, let alone find an audience. He seems to always be thinking, "If only X then I could stop drinking". When it becomes a romance film, it does get a little bit weaker in my opinion. Steve Buscemi has long been one of the premiere character actors in the business; his resume reads like a veritable Who's Who of interesting, complex characters who run the gamut from psycho hit-man to regular guy, all of whom he has brought vividly to life in film after film. Klasse ! Tommy(Buscemi)is a total loser who's luck keeps taking turns for the worse. | Rating: A And when he becomes aware of his situation and tries to do something, the film loses its comic energy. die meiste zeit versackt er in der titelgebenden kneipe zusammen mit anderen verlorenen gestalten. Seymour Cassell and Mimi Rogers add their touch of magic to this story as well. | Fresh (21)

Mobile site. |, January 1, 2000 "When a Man Loves a Woman" is about an alcoholic who recovers - and about her husband, who in some ways dealt with her better when she was drunk. Zudem schrieb er für diesen Film auch das Drehbuch und übernahm natürlich auch die Hauptrolle des notorischen Losers Tommy.

But the more astute would claim that there's more to it than that - it's a film about failures.

The world famous Trees is the premiere live music in Deep Ellum and the Dallas / Fort Worth area. They are constantly making excuses about why they drink, and if something in their life could turn around they would easily be able to stop.

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You would be right if "Arthur" were a party and you were attending it. Nicht nur, dass sein eigenes Auto das wohl einzige in der Stadt ist, das immer kaputt ist, nein, sein ehemalig bester Freund spannt ihm auch noch seine Freundin Theresa (Elizabeth Bracco, „Reine Nervensache“, „Der Club der Teufelinnen“) aus. He then inherits an ice cream van from his deceased uncle and drives around the streets half-bored selling sweets.
Sure they get drunk, but that's what they do, not what they are. That earnestness of effort, that plucky determination in the face of utter confusion, was at the heart of his charm. Erst ganz spät erkennt er, was in seinem Leben bisher falsch gelaufen ist. | Rating: A That has more or less summed up the parts Buscemi has played throughout the years, way back to the mini-series of LONESOME DOVE. So few movies live up to their trailers, especially indies. |, April 17, 2001 The movie works as a love story, but really romance is not the point here, any more than sex is. |, March 8, 2005

Außerdem analysiert es Rezensionen, um die Vertrauenswürdigkeit zu überprüfen. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. The characters never ask you to feel sorry for them... they never fear what they are. Als er auch noch seinen Job verliert, hängt er nur noch in der „Trees Lounge“ herum. Als er auch noch seinen Job verliert, hängt er nur noch in der „Trees Lounge“ herum. Daran erkennt man wie schnell sich die Welt verändert. Buscemi has tried to portray himself as the lovable loser and we are meant to laugh at his shortcomings , however I must concede Buscemi is the best character in the film the rest I found irritating . His focus is on communication. He plays a unemployed bum (a strange hybrid I think of Donny's welcoming and likable character, Carl's laid back attitude and Mr. Duane has endangered a daughter he loves, lost a family he cherishes, been through traffic and divorce court, and yet cannot stop himself from going to a bar after work.   |  But, because I'd rather use his name than refer to him by his facial features, I shall. I wanted to love this as Steve Buscemi's directorial debut but alas, I did not. In seiner Freizeit hängt er mit anderen Typen seines Schlages in der Kneipe "Trees Lounge" herum, seine zweiten Zuhause...Die Geschichte über einen gescheiterten Mann, der zu spät erkennt, dass er sein Leben vergeudet hat. But then the movie takes a well-intentioned, but disastrous, turn. With Steve Buscemi, Carol Kane, Mark Boone Junior, Bronson Dudley. Die meiste Zeit verbringt er in der Kneipe unter seiner Wohnung Trees Lounge. aside from the obvious giant flaw here, there are some good moments and an effective atmosphere conducive to a very genuine portrait of addiction - i don’t think it needed to go ~there to execute this authenticity and i wish it hadnt. He gets a job driving an ice cream truck and ends up getting involved with the seventeen-year-old niece of his ex-girlfriend. TREES LOUNGE is a film about Tommy Basilio , an unemployed mechanic who spend most of his time drinking in a bar or snorting drugs . " | Rating: 1/4 American releases as passionate and warm as Trees Lounge do not come around as often anymore, with only The Station Agent coming close. Zugelassene Drittanbieter verwenden diese Tools auch in Verbindung mit der Anzeige von Werbung durch uns. A drunk is always more or less in the same condition -- sometimes more, sometimes less -- and drunkenness is the filter through which all other emotions must pass. I relate to this film because the low or the rut, whatever you want to call it, those characters are in are places I'm not afraid to say I've been to in my time - in fact I think I have a season ticket - and…, Steve really has an affinity for seventeen year old girls  . "Trees Lounge" (1996) If anybody ever wrote a Field Guide to Alcoholics, with descriptions of their appearance, sexual behavior and habitats, there would be a full-color portrait on the cover of Tommy, the hero of "Trees Lounge." Und das gilt für die tollen Schauspieler ebenso wie für Kamera, Drehbuch, Charaktere, Dialoge, Soundtrack und und und. there is also a lack of resolution to the storylines, but the film…. There is not a single Fields film that "must" be seen in order to qualify as a literate movie lover, and yet if you are not eventually familiar with Fields you are not a movie lover at all. No games with focus. Cage's drunkenness is inspired in part by a performance he studied, Albert Finney's alcoholic consul in "Under the Volcano." Tommy drifts day to day before finding himself a job and a new friend. He dropped and killed his baby son years ago and has never forgiven himself. The notion that there is a hungry audience for good family entertainment, nurtured by such dreamers as the critic Michael Medved, is a touching mirage. A genuine cult movie from the last decade of the twentieth century. His character is named Willie T. Soke; W.C. Fields would have liked that. The chief sorrowmeister, Tommy, was a pathetic loser who spent inordinate amounts of time swilling beer and shots in a shabby bar which boasted a temperamental barkeep, a postage stamp sized men's room, and one table. He seems to always be thinking, "If only X then I could stop drinking". Steve Buscemi's Trees Lounge is as unassuming and low key as the actor himself has remained throughout his career. Tommy: Stellar performance from Buscemi, probably the best of his life. Much of the cast has gone on to do other known films. Regular price $26 View.

But everyone already knows they are anyway. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Meanwhile his ex-best friend is with his ex-girlfriend who may or may not be carrying Tommy's child. Your private life is nobody's business, but everybody in the joint knows all about it. Sometimes he drinks too much. Steve Buscemi Chloë Sevigny Carol Kane Mark Boone Junior Bronson Dudley Anthony LaPaglia Michael Buscemi Elizabeth Bracco Rockets Redglare Samuel L. Jackson Bianca Hunter Io Tillett Wright Eszter Balint Suzanne Shepherd Debi Mazar Kevin Corrigan Lawrence Gilliard Jr. Brooke Smith Mimi Rogers Daniel Baldwin Michael Imperioli Steven Randazzo Richard Boes Seymour Cassel John Ventimiglia, Nick Wechsler Brad Wyman Chris Hanley Julie Yorn Ronnie Kupferwasser, 95 mins   Written and directed by Steve Buscemi is just the type of film you’d expect him to make — an alcoholic scrounging his life away at a bar with empty relationships. The Guardian - Film News We could almost read his mind as he arrived at some sort of hazy assessment of the situation, puzzled out the appropriate response and tried to communicate to the world that he was attempting to perform it. Whenever one thinks of Steve Buscemi the actor, one probably thinks of the line about his character in FARGO, where a girl says, "Well, he was funny looking...more than most people, even." It knows this, too: That alcoholics don't think they're alcoholics. If you like Steve Buscemi, his acting style and the characters he plays, then you are almost guaranteed to enjoy this film. There's even an alcoholic named Bill who visits the bar so often that he even has his own seat.

Tommy's character, while on the surface, demands both pity and sympathy. Long Island loser Tommy (Steve Buscemi) is a hopeless alcoholic who loses his job for stealing from his boss, Rob (Anthony LaPaglia), who's now dating his ex, Theresa (Elizabeth Bracco). If someone just said that is "the nephew", it would have resolved a lot of confusion. Sometimes he drinks almost too much. A few days in the life of a loser, nothing more.

Sometimes he doesn't drink enough. Diese gut 90 Minuten sind einfach sehenswert – und außerdem gibt es jede Menge Lebensweisheiten gratis. If there are two unplayable roles in the stock repertory, they are the drunk and the whore with a heart of gold. Don't have an account?

Trees Lounge however presents mme with one of the rare movies that I wish were longer.