The dogma of the Uthgardt religion varies slightly from tribe to tribe as each beast cult emphasizes different “barbarian” virtues. The spring equinox and both solstices are holy days, and all tribes converge upon their ancestral mound (or Beorunna’s Well, the holiest of the ancestral mounds) during the autumn equinox to perform ceremonies, make agreements, and commune with ancestral spirits. Uthgar’s clerics often multiclass as barbarians, druids, or rangers.

you will have instant access to your previous versions. The Father of the Uthgardt dislikes Helm, Ilmater, Torm, and Tyr, for they have stolen away the devotion of all but one cleric of the Black Lion tribe. They are largely regarded as uncivilized savages by outsiders. Residents of the Underdark claim they became the ancestors of a group of grimlocks in the Cavern of Cloven Heads. Plus, you get a 15-day free trial, so there's nothing to lose. Despite the fact that they are perpetually at war, the tribe welcome outsiders, considering all possible potential allies in their quest. Revere Uthgar, your ancestors, and your tribe’s beast spirit.

The men of the Red Tiger tribe are strictly hunters, leaving the gathering and trading to the women, elderly, and children of the tribe. The Thunderbeasts’ ritual enemies are wolves (which has sometimes caused tension with the Gray Wolf tribe). They are almost exclusively male, and each worships the beast totem spirit of his tribe. He is driven to win in the long run, however, especially if the Uthgardt barbarians (his people) are threatened. Other than enmities stemming from encroachment upon his followers, Uthgar holds himself aloof, unconcerned with divine politics and struggles. Uthgar has many faces, in his guises as the various beast totems, but in his hall he is always depicted as a tall, burely, bearded, blond-haired warrior with eyes of piercing blue dressed only in a battle harness, leather breechcloth, and furred boots. The Gray Wolves’ ancestral mound is the Raven Rock, located near the headwaters of Black Raven River in the Spine of the World.

As he lay dying of wounds received in battle with Gurt, Lord of the Frost Giants, Uthgar was raised up as a demipower by Tempus, who admired his fighting spirit.

There, his followers united with Netherese refugees who had reverted to a primitive way of life to form a dynasty of barbarians, the Uthgardt. To demonstrate their fighting prowess, many Red Tiger fighters prefer to fight unarmed than wield a magic weapon taken from the hands of an arcane spellcaster.

Reliance upon arcane magic is an evil and false path that leads to death and ruin. Members of the tribe are very suspicious of magic. Their religion and philosophy focus on war, plunder, and survival. The Uthgardt are presently divided into scattered tribes, each named after the beast totems which Uthgar conquered — Black Lion, Thunderbeast, Red Tiger, Blue Bear, Great Worm, Sky Pony, Tree Ghost, Black Raven, Griffon, and Gray Wolf. When Gauntlgrym fell, some of the fleeing survivors were attacked by the werewolf thralls of a colony of mind flayers. The Netherese sent envoys to the Gray Wolf tribe, reminding them of their ancient, ancestral ties.

When youths complete a Runehunt successfully, Uthgar’s clerics hold a ceremony, known as the Telhut, to initiate them into manhood. Their ancestral mound is Raven Rock, which they share with the Gray Wolves. They have a reputation among outsiders as the most civilized of the Uthgardt tribes. The Uthgardt descend from raiders from Ruathym, Netherese Runlathan refugees, and various others who swore fealty to Uthgar Gardolfsson. Study the beast so that you know its virtues and its weaknesses; claim its virtues as your own and weed its weaknesses from your spirit.

Their totem was defeated and absorbed by Malar the Beastlord.

Father of the Uthgardt barbarians of the Savage Frontier, Uthgar (uhth-gar) is a proud, fierce, and independent warrior. During the Runemeet, Uthgardt youths desiring to be adults (and warriors of all ages) participate in the ritual of the Runehunt, in which those involved seek victory over the tribe’s ritual enemies--usually orcs. In recent years, Uthgar’s people have worked to remove the stain of their reputation caused by the cruel actions of the now-defunct Blue Bear Tribe (whose totem was defeated and absorbed by Malar the Beastlord), and that fact has increased acceptance of Uthgar outside the barbarian tribes.

He holds Malar responsible for the destruction of the Blue Bear tribe (a fragment of which survives as the new Tree Ghost tribe), and he hates Auril for turning the Elk Tribe away from his worship. Scattered, unallied clans that typically seek benefits from these cities have often joined the Griffon tribe, increasing their ranks dramatically, so much so that the Griffon’s Nest, the tribe’s main encampment, rivals even some of the smaller cities of the north. They hold to the old, strict, barbaric traditions and react violently to new customs or practices. The Uthgardt are (mostly) nomadic people who populate regions in the vicinity of the city of Neverwinter. Black Lion: The Black Lion have adopted agriculture, building communities around their ancestral mound of Beorunna’s Well. Magnified by the influence of their totem, the curse spread through the tribe.

The Thunderbeast tribe’s totem is an enormous, powerful lizard that once roamed the land.

This discovery was a cause for great panic and grief among them. Family is sacred, and its bonds are not cast aside lightly. They are renowned raiders and bandits in the North, often preying on foreign merchants and missionaries. The Battle Father has few friends and has remained relatively uninvolved in divine politics. They have no written language and no art beyond geometric carvings and clothing decoration. However, they recently discovered the mound disturbed, the thunderbeast bones taken, and the body of Morgur gone. According to some legends he is the son of Beorunna (a Netherese warrior hero whose followers became the barbarian tribes of the North), while others claim he is the divine offspring of mighty Tempus. Most tribes wander the wilderness in small clans or family groups and live within a few weeks' travel of their ancestor's mounds. Make the others of your tribe fear and respect your power and knowledge so they heed the wise words your ancestors speak through you to them. You should check them out. Blue Bear: The Blue Bear tribe was destroyed at Hellgate Keep in the Year of the Gauntlet (337 NR, 1369 DR). The Uthgardt tribes are not monolithic, though.

All Uthgardt shamans believe that personal strength can demonstrate purity of purpose, and so arguments are often settled by a test of strength or a battle of first blood, to surrender, or to the death-if the matter is serious enough.

A few of their tribes have roles in the original campaign, and one of the henchmen, Daelan Red Tiger, is an Uthgardt. The beast holds wisdom and raw power that you can make your own. Red Pony & Golden Eagle: Disappeared into the Underdark in the Year of the Sunless Passage (-456 NR, 576 DR). Forgotten Realms Cormyr Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Great Worm: The Great Worm Tribe’s ancestral mound is the Great Worm Cavern. The Gray Wolf tribe accepted some of these survivors among them, though some soon showed that they carried the lycanthropic curse. Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. Clerics of Uthgar pray at dawn or sunset.

According to some legends he is the son of Beorunna (a Netherese warrior hero whose followers became the barbarian tribes of the North), while others claim he is the divine offspring of mighty Tempus. JavaScript is currently disabled.

Uthgardt Barbarians is a book item that can be found in the official campaigns and possibly in other modules.

The Uthgardt are a race of black-haired and blue-eyed humans who are descendents of the Northmen, Netherese, and a few savage tribes.

The chief, Grandthur, decided to take the tribe to meet with the Elk tribe at Flintrock. The Thunderbeast Tribe left one such skeleton at their ancestral mound, Morgur’s Mound. He enjoys sensual pleasures of the flesh, even in his divine state, and likes to hunt, eat, drink, and be merry in his feast halls with the warrior spirits he has called to serve him. Although generally seen as savage and frightening by other inhabitants of the Savage Frontier, in truth the character of the church of Uthgar varies greatly from tribe to tribe. upgrade now However, those who stay away from the tribe for a year or more sometimes see their lycanthropy fade and disappear, suggesting that the tribe’s curse may have changed somewhat under their totem’s influence. This article is about the nomadic people; for the item, see Uthgardt Barbarians.

Their superstitious nature extends to a deep distrust of magic — particularly arcane magic. Among these allies are orcs hungry for plunder, wizards who hold personal grudges against particular city-dwellers, and agents of distant empires seeking chaos in the region for one reason or another. Although civilization has come north in waves throughout history, much of Uthgardt land is wild and untamed. Religious fervor within the tribes has increased because several infants in each tribe have been born with a beast-totem birthmark, which has been taken as a sign of great favor.

In general, shamans are charged as follows when they are initiated into the Uthgardt faith: Strength is everything. Domain is not supported in Neverwinter Nights.

Uthgar was once a mortal Northlander from Ruathym named Uther Gardolfsson, brother to Morgred (the “Morgur” of Morgur’s Mound), who gained fame by invading the fabled realm of Illusk before moving into the northern interior. We think you'll have a much more enjoyable experience.