Crane tells him he couldn't lose the best diver on board. Controls burst, Seaview shakes, alarms go off. If Nelson were testing Crane's ingenuity and good outlook, it was a heck of a time to do so. We see the blow up from the enemy viewscreen. Nelson and others in a large room watch films of hurricanes, floods, dams crashing down, and other disasters. Use the HTML below. The Flying Sub also helped bolster the more modern look. All dive!" It is 6 days to zero with no time for evacuation as Nelson and Wilson figure it while conferring in the nose. FAQ Lots of stock footage which would be a staple of VOYAGE throughout its four years. Riddle wrote season 2's ESCAPE FROM VENICE many parts of which were used again in season 2, 3, and 4. Crane and Curley move through some very nice snow effects (some of the only snow we see in Irwin Allen TV--the other moments include a few LOST IN SPACE sequences--SPACE BEAUTY and THE GALAXY GIFT). ", Nelson says, "Seaview's job is never over. Wilson was a bit arrogant but in the end he lightened up. A slip of the effect of him falling and then inter cutting of him falling into the water provides a jerky transition but it is an adequate scene and a fantastic start to the series--a wild move was to kill off what was supposedly the main character of John Phillips. In actuality, it is the mightiest weapon afloat and is secretly assigned the most dangerous missions against the enemies of mankind. In 1961, Irwin Allen directed and co-wrote 'Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea', a sci-fi thriller in which the crew of a futuristic submarine called 'Seaview' race against the clock to prevent global destruction. The divers use spear guns on the squid, which is giant. The resulting tidal wave could destroy civilization. Seaview and crew are to be considered expendable but Nelson hopes Lee will bring them all back alive. Wilson has had some dealings with him and finds him an unimaginative, by the book officer. DISASTER - TV episodes that resemble disaster movies (by StuOz). Lee, Nelson, Ski, and Chip watch from the conning tower as the Snow Cat (with Wilson and Malone in it) leaves Seaview. Eddie Albert guest stars as Fred Wilson, an experienced diver and the man who knows how to detonate the bomb, in charge of making sure the mission is a success. Seaview rigs for attack, hearing the missiles pass. Its public image is that of an instrument of marine research. Wilson feels that they have blown it. Thus, the second season, making the nose and the control room all one area is much more direct with its action and movement from window nose to the Control Room than this first season. The resulting tidal wave could destroy civilization. In exactly eleven days there will be a terrible polar earthquake. The Control Room crew, instead of looking out the viewports, would have to watch the action on a screen or, worse, on sonar and radar. Lee suggests they go out and find the mast, surface, repair it in one hour, and get going again. Metacritic Reviews. Chip then order all dive. Nelson reminds them four of his best men and Capt. I saw the pilot recently on METV. Seaview is at 3200 feet. Marines? Ski whispers to Malone, "How do you like that--a routine cruise to nowhere and he wants to kill us getting there. Chip is ordered to prepare to dive and does so without hesitation--unlike when orders are given in the future seasons, in this season, orders, even orders the men don't like, are carried out right away. Nelson was certainly a bit of a pessimist in this episode with Crane pulling the optimist. Check out our picks for movies that (hopefully) won't keep you up at night. External Reviews Like most Irwin Allen shows (going cheap and lousy, usually after one season...actually all Irwin Allen shows), the pilot is usually the best episode of the series. This is because I was able to recognize that many of the underwater scenes were simply lifted off the film and stuck into the show--such as the giant squid attack and the sub attacking the Seaview. They free Crane, with Wilson doing the most to stop the monster. The car crashes. If you are a fan of the show, this episode is a must. Nelson asks for confirmation. There is also a huge bomb on a carrying tractor and a ramp from Seaview to the ice. Lee will go with the two divers; Nelson protests--Lee is too valuable to the mission but Lee counters with him with, "If we fail nothing will make much difference." Ski says, "Forgive me for asking, sir," but he asks if he served with the Admiral before to which Lee responds yes to--his first Navy assignment. And this limited what characters could take place in the action above or below. The interplay between Wilson, Crane, Nelson, and the agitation between all including the crew and Crane (mostly Kowalski--who seemed to be a real complainer here) makes things most interesting. A coded message 777 from Washington DC comes in via seaman Kowalski to Admiral Nelson's code 452. The enemy on the sub (voice heard only) calls the enemy leader and his men. Add the first question. Nelson tells Crane not to think of the crew as a ragtag civilian crew--they are highly trained specialists in a wide variety of fields. The sub is ordered to open fire. Nelson and Chip watch the divers swim past the nose windows. A crewman's voice (obviously Del Monroe's) from the Missile Room asks, "Captain, what the devil's going on?" Wilson just responds with, "Oh, hello, Crane." It's in color, fun, has the biggest budget of any of the episodes to follow and is a really good show. Crane says, "That's right, Mr. Lee comes down the nose ladder to see other officers, Chip, Wilson, and Nelson there, planning. It attacks Seaview via the movie stock footage of the sub chasing the Seaview down below crush depth. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Paul Sawtell music graced the following TARZAN movies: One of the first full musical scores for any TARZAN film--TARZAN TRIUMPHS (1943 with Johnny Weissmuller vs Nazis), TARZAN'S DESERT MYSTERY (1943-Weissmuller and with giant spider and several enlarged "dinosaur" lizards and Arabians--almost a practice session for his VOYAGE scores), TARZAN AND THE AMAZONS (1945-Weissmuller), TARZAN AND THE LEOPARD WOMAN (1946-Weissmuller-one of the best TARZAN films), TARZAN AND THE HUNTRESS (1947-Weissmuller and the last to feature Johnny Sheffield as Boy, the last movie to feature Boy who was named ONLY Boy), TARZAN AND THE SLAVE GIRL (1950-Lex Barker's second Tarzan film), TARZAN'S SAVAGE FURY (1952 and Lex Barker's fourth Tarzan film and one which had a new "Boy" named Joey), TARZAN AND THE SHE DEVIL (1953-Barker and also starring Raymond Burr as a baddie), and TARZAN'S HIDDEN JUNGLE (1955, Gordon Scott's first Tarz movie). While reminiscent of Blofeld, Gamma (if that is his name) is calm and doesn't kill off his own men--at least not the ones in the room with him as Blofeld used to do this. Crane warns him, "That's no swimming pool out there, doctor." The unaired color pilot of this episode has a different main theme but the syndicated version of the black and white version has the regular Seaview theme. The man falls off and into the ocean. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea-Eleven Days to Zero, The Seaview begins its four-year long voyage. Phillips is killed, but Nelson survives. The Bering Straits, Hawaii, the British Islands, Western Europe, and the East Coast will all be affected (some sources claim Russia and Japan are mentioned--but in the black and white aired episode they are not). That double blast will kill everyone on board." Lee was a bit confused at first--in the Navy he told his crew every detail of every mission. Malone is impressed, "No wonder he decked you, Kowalski." This episode (certainly when you notice how they shadow the face of the evil leader of the adversarial enemy and present his futuristic lair) seems right out of a James Bond movie. Kowalski--Ski for short, CPO Curley Jones, seaman Malone and other men stop him finally--but he punches Ski first. The squid attack, lifted from the movie, is effective. Before my uncle really fell ill from cancerous tumors, we had a chance to watch a marathon of the classic sci-fi series, "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" based on the '61 film starring Walter Pigeon, however they were episodes from the fourth season, not of the same quality (or even remotely close to the same quality) as the earlier seasons. At 90 feet, Lee orders Chip to set them at full speed ahead. The Snow Cat is moving now and moves out with the four men on board. 4 of 4 people found this review helpful. I do feel that having the nose on one level and the control room on the other as in this first season takes away from the enjoyment of the show. Wilson suits up, telling him he happens to be the best diver on board. ", Curley delivers message--one that Nelson, he, and Wilson seem aware of already. Seaview's nose: water at the window as it hits surface. Air Force?). This man is smoking. Fortunately, it still worked out okay and I am sure very few folks realized this at the time...considering they didn't have cds, videotapes and the like for the home viewers. The enemy leader is called Dr. Gamma in the credits but as far as can be seen, the name Dr. Gamma never appears on the broadcast episode. Later while readying for the mission in the Missile Room, Ski tells a teasing Malone that Crane must have been wearing brass knuckles. Nelson claims in 11 days a titanic wall of water will destroy the coastal regions of half the world. THE TIME TUNNEL-TOWN OF TERROR and syndicated info, VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-THE PRICE OF DOOM. Lee answers at the same time as he orders into the mike, "Dive! Nelson tells him, "Of course, how else could you accept the post of permanent captain of the Seaview---that is, if you want it.". ACT ONE Titles of ELEVEN DAYS TO ZERO look like the VOYAGE logo--wavy letters designed to look like the ocean churning. Mr. O'Brien also appears in this episode and the copy I've seen in syndication has the VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA logo reappear at the very end of the end credits. Seaview continues on. Nelson asks for the figures to be run through number four computer. Music-Paul Sawtell (some of which is on CD). Title: If you are a fan of the show, this episode is a must. ELEVEN DAYS TO ZERO had a full fledged snow storm. The footage fits in well. Directed by Irwin Allen. A word about the first season: the stories and characters were all very good with only a few of the goofy episodes that would later permeate the third and fourth seasons.