And their talent is staying extremely well hidden? It may sound daunting to question everything in our lives. Einstein's theory of time dilation suggests that if you looked forward toward the black hole's center, you'd see every object that has fallen into it in the past. When we landed, Earth would move back in place, like a spring. Use them wisely. And if you spend enough time convincing him, will he eventually let you in?

Asking this question itself is a great way to create a lasting memory with that special someone. [Get the full explanation]. I thought your response to 25 deep questions was great give me some inspiration on what to write down. What could possibly go wrong?

Next time you see one, check out the event horizon and report back. Recognize the other person’s boundaries, and try not to cross them. 83 Hypothetical Questions – Fun, but nearly impossible to answer. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, [Find out what they'd look like. Browse this long list, and remember your favorites so you always have a few go-to what if questions on deck to use whenever the mood strikes. All the plants and animals that currently exist would collapse under their own doubled weight, and new, stockier species would arise.

4-What brings me joy?for now watching movies .not any movie .the movie that has great adventure .different new thought or idea or even great characters like SHERLOCK HOLMES but i believe that i have a passion .practical passion 5-What would I most like to change about my life?financial problem to financially freedom and achieving my goals 6-When did I last do something just for me?yesterday learned coding + learned french and reviewed+brain workout+entertained myself watching “hannibal” two episodes 7-What could I do today that would fill me with joy? We can also question our work, relationships, and leisure. This is a fun thought exercise to make you think about the many unique cultures in the United States. Are you willing to potentially sacrifice your very existence for the greater good of humanity? If you want to stay in your comfort zone, you might want to give this practice a miss! A person’s dream home can reveal quite a bit about their personality and tastes as well as their goals and ambitions. Some of them are forward, some of them are heavy, and some are downright strange. They’re great because you can choose unique questions for specific people, and a person’s answers can tell you a lot about the inner-workings of their brain. 138 First Date Conversation Starters – Keep things fun and lighthearted.

[Get the full explanation], The four-limbed body plan that dominates higher-order animals dates back to the time when lobe-finned fish made the transition to terra firma. We should all be always looking for new things to celebrate — no matter how small. 36 Best Art Trivia Questions And Answers – This is the only list you’ll need. [Learn more about life at the edge of a black hole], If Earth had another species as tech-savvy as us, we would probably be locked in a constant battle for supremacy. [Get the full explanation], If that asteroid hadn't struck, the dinosaurs would in all likelihood still rule the Earth. Keep your material fresh and relevant. 33 Best Travel Trivia Questions And Answers You Should Know, 73 Best Summer Trivia Questions And Answers You Should Know. so my actions begin with fear of wasting time so started learning languages to become multi lingual because one of my dreams is travel around the world and be able to speak their language and before that i can use it now to contact with other side of world. Please refresh the page and try again. There would certainly be much less crime. All content published on this website is intended for informational purposes only. But asking these questions is worth the trouble.

Here is a downloadable and printable list of what if questions (right click the image and select Save Image As…): What if questions are a whole lot of fun, but don’t forget to change it up once in a while. ], If Earth's diameter were doubled to about 16,000 miles, the planet's mass would increase eight times, and the force of gravity on the planet would be twice as strong. (Day 14 of Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program is about … Now that you have a solid list of questions to ask, go have some fun with them. Here are 5 of the best interesting what if questions: Clearly there would have been some sort of master plan executed by all the dogs in the world. [Get the full explanation], Though there is just one-third the quantity of metallic elements at the galaxy's edge compared to where we are, life could still have arisen and evolved in much the same way. Approach them in a relaxed, easy, and casual way, and through the magic of good conversation, you’ll find that you’re able to form meaningful connections that last. This is a lighthearted question that still makes you think long and hard about what your decision would be. These interesting questions empower you to stimulate each other’s minds and think in new and exciting ways. Well, do you personally know anyone who has tried to breathe in space? This is a fun question because you can discuss where the money potentially came from too, which might affect your decisions. And our brains are still evolving to process these signals properly? © Love && light && best wishes , Hi Jake my name is Tong my family came to Australia as a refugee because of the civil in Sudan. New York, Would we be serving reptilian overlords? 37 Best Men’s Fade Haircuts – Get a new look right now. And we can only see the true nature of reality when we breathe in space? Others are more thought-provoking and imaginative. However, gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn would not be able to exist, and the lack of such planets might spell doom for Earth by allowing more frequent asteroid impacts.

As you can already tell English is not my strong suit as I did not where to started. Time to start asking the tough questions…. Is it better to have loved and lost…? Do I allow myself to really feel my emotions?
[Get the full explanation], Cats may seem ineffectual, but they're in fact vital members of the global ecosystem. They seem simple at the beginning but writing responses and allowing myself to really think about them and be led back to scenarios have assisted me with putting certain things into perspective which I believe will really help me on my journey. While some of the questions may cause us to be uncomfortable, many of them can bring us great joy and help us create better relationships and achieve our dreams. These ice breaker questions can help with that. From science to history to philosophy to existentialism, these are thought-provoking questions that may take days, months, or even years to fully hash out. Sometimes the answers may bring us pain.

Here are 7 of the best what if conversation starter questions: Is it cannibalism if you’re made of sentient processed meats? Finally, try not to overthink things too much with these. But people would still have a diverse range of personalities, and so society as a whole might be just as conflicted as it is today. My family face a lot of obstacle and a lot of challenges to make here. Who do I love spending time with?

These are the types of questions that people never thought they would have to answer in a billion years, and that’s what makes them awesome. What could I do today that would fill me with joy? Here are 5 of the best what if questions: This question really inspires you to be creative while also forcing you to think practically. Jasper lives in Georgia with his new bride. A word of caution though: these questions are powerful and can cause massive transformations in your life. These funny questions to ask will have the other person in stitches. Feel free to make up your own if you’re not into any of the current options. Serious and funny responses are both welcomed. Just because you’re using the “what if” format doesn’t mean you can ask anything. Visit our corporate site. 40 Best Trivia Questions for Teens – Learn cool facts. If we get clear about what we want from life and what might be holding us back, we can begin to make real progress. They may bring up emotions that are difficult and we may need help from a counselor to process what we find. But experts think it's far more likely they would have been assimilated, interbreeding with humans to create a hybrid species. This last is the ultimate starting point, but you’re only limited to your imagination. Here are 7 of the best fun what if questions to ask: Bonus points if you can do your best impression. Here are 8 of the best funny what if questions to ask: This question really makes you rethink the tranquility of that “Sounds of Nature” album you fall asleep to. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? That could get awkward. Often we avoid getting real with ourselves and discovering what would make our hearts sing. A year of bliss or a lifetime of stability?

A classic question that can generate a massive range of answers.
I do recommend a thorough exploring of these questions for anyone interested in connecting or even reconnecting with themselves. I came across this article when I was on selfie reflection on the internet by accident.