Lu Xia's whereabouts are unknown during the day of the tournament. Based on the hit manga series by Takeshi Konomi. The Yu Qing team embarks on a new training program in their captain's absence. Qiao Chen meets his match in No. ... Wu Xudong, Xie Binbin, Xu Ke, Zhang Yijie, Zhu Zhiling. Wenn Sie sich selbst KOSTENLOS registrieren, dann: In dieser Serie nach dem Manga-Hit von Takeshi Konomi muss ein Tennis-Talent nicht nur beim Tennis punkten, sondern auch die Schule meistern und Teamkollegen inspirieren. Guan Yue faces off against Zhuo Zhi. In 1950s Italy, a farmer's dream of improving workers’ living conditions collapses when he falls for a landowner's daughter. Based on true events. Guoguang plays against Jibu who is the captain of their rival school. Based on the hit manga series by Takeshi Konomi. Everyone watches with their hearts racing... © There, he meets Toa Tokuchi, a 134-kmph ... See full summary », Tsukushi Tsukamoto is a freshman at Seiseki High School. As Yu Qing players prepare for their highly anticipated match against Xing Yao, Lu Xiangqian helps Lu Xia realize that his biggest rival is himself. You could say the acting is horrible, but to be fair the show didn't give them a lot to work with so don't hold it against them. Audio: Mandarin - Audiodeskription;Mandarin [Original] Untertitel: Deutsch;Englisch;Französisch;Niederländisch;Türkisch. An unexpected incident befalls a Yu Qing player. However over time, despite trying to remain aloof, he learns there a better things to strive for thanks to his new team mates. Days ahead of the provincial finals, Jingwu promises Siyang he will help prepare Yu Qing for their matches against Hai Guang. Hai Guang team's Yuan Chi arrives at a Yu Qing practice and challenges Siyang to a match. Some great action and engaging characters. The drama continue the style and theme of last season, show us the tennis prince's growth and effort, and the way they won the championship. Prince of Tennis follows the story of a 12 year old boy Ryoma Echizen who won four consecutive titles in the American Junior Tennis tournaments. In a match on the grass court, Xiaosha asks Lu Xiangqian why he left pro tennis. The Prince of Tennis ~ Match! Tells the story of an ordinary girl who falls head over heels for the most popular guy in school. The Prince of Tennis (2019) May 17, 2019 Chase Shê Seeing as it’s almost time for the world’s best tennis players to battle it out once more in the French Open later this month, it’s quite apt to be bringing your attention to a new tennis themed drama, The Prince of Tennis 网球少年 / 奋斗吧少年 . You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. That school is known for its football team. Xinglong takes his Xing Yao opponent by surprise. At the lottery ceremony, Yu Qing encounters formidable opponent Xing Yao High School. Qi Ying helps boost Lu Xia's morale while he's on the verge of losing. He's an amazing tennis player and is considered a prodigy. A tennis whiz beats the odds to excel on the court while juggling school and inspiring teammates. Klicken Sie hier , um sich kostenlos anzumelden. The Prince of Tennis Yu Qing's celebratory mood wears off with unfortunate news from Siyang's doctor. Twelve year old tennis prodigy, Ryoma Echizen attends the distinguished school of Seishun Academy Middle School with his eyes set on being on the regulars team of the tennis club, which the school is famous for. Determined to defeat the Yu Qing team, Guo Zi coach Guan Yue lends a hand to Yu Qing's opponents and prepares to play against Zhuo Zhi. Dayong tells the team about Siyang's long-term injury. A tennis whiz beats the odds to excel on the court while juggling school and inspiring teammates. During the first doubles match of the tournament, the Hai Guang duo turns up the heat on Qiao Chen and Baiyang. Lu Xia looks after Qi Ying when she falls ill. To redeem their previous losses, Yu Qing players gear up for their next round of matches against Yu Feng. Geeignet ab 12 Jahren. Baiyang and Zhiming find themselves chasing the scoreboard in a doubles match against Xing Yao. Can the pure love of 17-year-olds endure through all the challenges of adulthood? See more ideas about The prince of tennis, Prince, Tennis. Jiale gives Zhuo Zhi encouragement. View production, box office, & company info. Lu Xia's whereabouts are unknown during the day of the tournament. Coach Qi Na phones Lu Xia's father. In order to receive a bone marrow transplant and continue her ... See full summary », This is a sweet love story about how a straight-A girl student with high IQ pursues a former prince charming as well as an inspirational story about a hero who comes back to regain dream ... See full summary ».